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busteds13 02-20-2008 12:55 PM

hello/my new 10g
hi, first post, so uh, yeah.

i haven't had an aquarium set up since i was about 14 (i'm 23 now). i just finished putting this one together and started populating it. it's a 10g, one of the cheap Wal Mart kits. i've got a tetra heater, tetra air pump, the jank aqua tech filter that came with the tank (which will soon be replaced, probably by a whisper), a couple fake plants and a sizable (for the tank) hunk of driftwood. boiled the driftwood three times, soaked it in cold water, and put it in, and no really noticeable discoloration yet. the tank looks a little yellow but the cheap incandescents were making it look that way already, and will be replaced with CFL's in the near future. also, this may not be a permanent home, as i'm going in with a friend 50/50 on buying a house, and once that's FINALLY done, i'll be setting up something larger, probably a 55.

anyway, stock:
2 emerald cories
2 rainbow sharks
1 peacock eel who is using this as a TEMPORARY home until a buddy of mine finishes cycling his 30g

once the eel's gone, i'm thinking two more cories and something that'll stay towards the top. maybe a dwarf gourami or something of that nature. and if it's not too packed, maybe a frog or two... so in the end i'd have:

4 emerald cories
2 rainbow sharks
1 dwarf gourami
2 african dwarf frogs

how's that sound? oh, and i think i'm going to replace my gravel with something more cory-friendly, something finer grain.

here's some pics, tripod was in the car so they're a bit dark/fuzzy:

anyway, just thought i'd say hello, show off my tank, and see what you guys think of my proposed tank population. thanks for looking!

giarc721 02-20-2008 01:17 PM

The tank looks good. The rainbow sharks might pose a problem though. They often fight amongst themselves, especially if only two are together. Also they will need a lot more swimming room than a 10 gallon. So unless you are planning on moving them to the 55 gallon soon, you might want to rethink trying to keep these. Other than that though your tank looks great. I just got a 10 gallon myself and hope it looks that good in the near future.

Zule 02-20-2008 01:24 PM

Yeah, you should rethink the rainbow sharks. You should only have one shark per tank, otherwise one will eventually run the other ragged. But even one in a ten gallon tank, I strongly advise against. Rainbow sharks grow up to six inches and are considered semi-aggressive. They need proper space to establish a territory, and ten gallons isn't enough. Most likely it would end up picking on your cories, being mostly a bottom dweller.

Otherwise your list seems fine. And welcome to the forum.

busteds13 02-20-2008 02:32 PM

well, they definitely won't be getting up to 6" in this tank, i should have a big tank set up by May. but if my fish do start looking torn up i'll let my buddy look after the sharks as well... but thanks for the input! also, do you guys have any opinions on live plants in a 10g? too small? i like the look of this real wood but it's kinda offset but the lame plastic plants.

giarc721 02-20-2008 02:56 PM

the only two live plants I have really kept are java ferns and java moss. While the moss is VERY easy, it is not my favorite thing to look at. The java fern however should be fine in your tank provided you give it good lighting. It is pretty low maintenance and looks good.

busteds13 02-20-2008 03:20 PM

just did a little reading on the java fern, that sounds perfect! i may have to hit the LFS on my way home from work :D

jeaninel 02-20-2008 05:25 PM

I have java fern, anubias nana and crypts (I think wendtii) in my 10 gallon. I also have anacharis floating at the top. It's a low light tank with no CO2. All the plants are growing great.

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