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Pasqua 11-20-2012 02:50 AM

Very fat female cherry barb - unsure if she is sick or just full of eggs or other?
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Hi everyone!

I am a bit concerned about one of my cherry barbs at the moment. She has gotten very very very round, rounder than I have ever seen any of my cherry barbs before. I am worried that she is sick?! It seems to me that she seems too round to even be pregnant?! Previously I had some cherry barbs get quite round and then be less round again, so I never worried too much about it?

I have moved her into a seperate isolation tank in case she is sick and have taken some photos to see if what your thoughts are.

She did start getting a bit fat a while ago, and I have been very carefully monitoring what I am feeding the fishies so I am sure she is currently not overeating (unless she somehow keeps all the other fish away from the food and is eating all of it to herself). She is still very alert and doesn't seem bothered by it, and still can swim very quickly and is zippy, however she seems to have trouble staying upright and if she stops flipping her fins it looks like she floats to the top, or her tail floats upwards.

Any ideas or suggestions?! =s

SeaHorse 11-20-2012 08:25 AM

My guess is Bloat. I am not an expert at all but I do know that not feeding her for a day or two can help. I have a Swordtail that bloats/unbloats/bloats/unbloats every few days. It has not become a huge issue and my QT tank is torn down due to a leak.
My first suggestion is to separate her into at least a 10 gallon, she needs to keep moving to keep herself up right. Then fast her for 1-2-3 days.... keep a close eye on her. Fish can supposedly go a week without food. Some say peas help but I've not seen it myself yet. Keep us posted.... hopefully someone with more experience than I will chime in.

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