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tweedledum 11-18-2012 12:02 AM

Guppies - are rummynose tetras compatible?
Hi - I'm new to this forum, so apologies if I've put this in the wrong place.

We have a tank with lots of guppies, some neon tetras, and a few glowlight tetras, (and a very peaceful plec and bristlenose catfish.)

We'd like to add one more shoaling species, and were thinkng about rummynose tetras. I've seen several websites suggesting these would be compatible with the others in the tank, and a couple that have said they wouldn't be, but not explaining why.

My main concern is that last year, we had lots of guppies, and added 6 zebra danios which we'd been told would be fine together. Very quickly all the guppies died, and we think it was the danios, either because they were directly chasing the guppies, or just sressing them out when they zipped about the tank. And the rummynose tetras look quite zippy too, certainly much more active than the other tetras we've got.

Any advice/experience very gratefully received, many thanks !

SeaHorse 11-18-2012 07:53 AM

Welcome to the forum!! We're glad you joined us.
I've never kept Guppies myself but I have kept a few species of Danio, Tetra and Barb.
We have profiles listed at the top that help you review the different species. I would say to still stay in the Tetra range. Also if you can do it, take a trip to the local fish store to see what they have but don't actually buy anything till you go home and research. Ours LFS has red/yellow/green stickers on the tank to tell us what is community and who to stay away from. My suggestion is something that is also a live bearer... Platy, Swordtail or Molly. Livebearers tend to do best in more alkaline water... do you know your PH? Also what size tank?

fish monger 11-18-2012 09:38 AM

Those long flowing fins of a male guppy might prove to be too tempting to even the tamest of tetras. Maybe a small peaceful barb such as cherry barbs would be nice. As Jakiebabie says, other live bearers would be a good choice also.

Byron 11-18-2012 04:17 PM

Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.:wave:

I concur with other members' posts. Water parameters are a critical issue for rummynose, as it notes in the profile [click the name, Hemigrammus bleheri, for the profile].


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