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lizziefishgirl 11-17-2012 03:18 PM

Dwarf Gourami
What are some good tank mates for my gouramis... at this point I have five albino corys, an african dwarf frog , a male dwarf gourami and a female. .... What should I had

redchigh 11-17-2012 03:24 PM

How big is the tank? If it's a 10 gallon, its fully stocked already imo.

If its a 15 or 20, then a school of rasboras would be a good fit with the gourami... Personally, I think the adf and cories might be too active for Rasboras... They're probably too active for the gourami.

lizziefishgirl 11-17-2012 06:49 PM

They do really well no chasing or any thing... and the adf is lazy

The tank is 29 gallons

Sylverclaws 11-22-2012 03:44 PM

You could get some other peaceful community fish. I wouldn't recommend it with a female in there though.

If you have a well planted tank, you could add in a small group of platies or some kinds of Variatus. Or some types of mollies, the smaller ones like gold mollies(Also called gold dusts, but there's actually a few different types; the ones with sailfins get pretty big, the ones that are black and gold, or mostly just orange don't get very big, about three inches or so compared to the sailfin types four to six inches). Problem is both of those breed a lot, but you wont get many babies with gouramis, which may be preferable to you anyways. Mine eats all the kids. =( A group of four platies would do well in there. In a thirty gallon you could put in four mollies, anything more would be pushing it on your water quality because mollies have a pretty big bioload though. You may also be able to put in a group of five or six-eight neon tetras instead if you desire.

Basically you want other community type fish that don't get too nippy. =) Neons -can- get nippy, but they're usually pretty placid in community tanks with enough room to group around happily, and you don't have fish with big flowey fins, so it's unlikely you'll get nippers.

The only problem is you have a male and a female, and should he build a nest, he will get very aggressive. You shouldn't have a male and female unless you want to breed them, and doing so in a community tank is a very bad idea. You would want them to be separate for these things or they can both get aggressive with eachother and your other fish. If the female lays eggs, the male will protect the nest and try to kill anyone near it, including the female, this is why breeding them is usually done in a separate tank, and the males and females aren't normally kept together long-term.

I personally have one male Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami in with my mollies and cories. =) At one time he was also with platies and swordtails. He gets along with anyone who doesn't pick at him too much. When I first got him my dalmation lyretail female chased him around and he allowed it for a while, then he chased back. But once that was done, they get along just fine and no damage was ever done. Usually just curious poking. My other mollies left him alone. lol They are funny little things with awesome personalities. ^_^

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