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bubbles1 11-15-2012 06:26 PM

Classroom tank :D
Okay so recently my teacher let me clean her tank, and she said that I can take control over the tank cause she never really knew what she was doing, so I'm gonna clean her tank every two weeks or so, it's about 20 gallons no light, but its by the window and had a black algae and managed to keep a amazon sword alive, it has 1 black moor, and 2 dojo loaches,

I was just wondering if I should add anything like fish, light, maybe a heater and something for algae control like snails or Otos,shrimp,bristle nose?

Considering she has a lot of algae and can keep an amazon sword alive for about a year would it be possible to add any other plants like cambomba or anarchis or anything else to make it look good?

I really want to make her tank nice cause the kids and I like looking at it

All help is good!

Thanks for all suggestions

thekoimaiden 11-16-2012 04:02 PM

This tank will need a lot of work. While a single goldfish can work in a 20 gal, the same cannot be said for the loaches. Dojo loaches get large and are very active fish. They are also social fish and need to be in groups of 3 or more. They should be in a 55 gal or larger tank. They are best re-homed.

If you and the students want to keep the black moore, then it should be the only occupant of the tank. The best way to get rid of the algae is to block out the light. Adding something that eats algae isn't actually going to help because there will be more nutrients for the algae to feed from.

As for plants with goldfish, some will work and some won't. Anubias and java fern are two that I've heard will work. I've personally had success with anubias. But it all depends on the individual goldfish. Some will devour any plants and some just pick at a few leaves and then leave them alone.

If you want rehome all of the fish, then we could look at other fish to stock the tank with. But if you leave the goldfish, adding any other fish will be severely overstocking the tank.

redchigh 11-16-2012 04:42 PM

I would rehome the loaches, add more rooted plants (like swords or crypts), maybe some floating plants (duckweed and water lettuce- the moor will probably nibble on the duckweed... Its nutritious), and add a half-dozen apple / mystery / nerite snails.

They won't keep the tank clean, but they'll add some movement and nibble algae a little.

When you say "clean the tank" I hope you mean vacuum the gravel and not empty the tank and not empty it and run tap water through it.

Imo, sunlight works fine if you increase the plants. As for stems, if you want to ry, just buy a "trimming package" from someone to experiment with a small quantity of several species. Once you get the algae under control, you can try some slow growing plants like anubias, moss, and java ferns and tie them to decor...
Speaking of decor, wood and rocks can spice up the tank as well... "if its a natural tank.

bubbles1 11-17-2012 11:11 AM

Ya I cleaned the tank with like the vacuum and algae scraper and cleaned her filter out cause it was clogged(all in a 45 min lunch), her amazon sword wasn't even planted it was just in the plastic thing when you first buy it, so I put it in the substrate, she gave me her loaches and I put them in my 55 for now, I got some rocks from outside and I cleaned them and everything and it looks good, I was thinking on just getting an Anubis (barteri or nana?) and probly a java fern and ill tie them to some if the decor, and the snails will be good for some minimal algae support, and are you sure there's nothing I could possibly fit with the one moor? Like a panda Moore or something

thekoimaiden 11-17-2012 02:38 PM

Hmm. The rocks from outside could present a problem as they could carry pathogens. No matter how well you clean them, there are probably still nooks and crannies that didn't get clean. Do watch for signs of illness.

Another problem is what's called "old tank syndrome." When tanks aren't cleaned in a while and they suddenly get a large cleaning, this rapid swing in parameters can stress the fish and allow disease to creep in.

As for another fish in the tank, that's not going to be possible. Goldfish even fancies can easily grow to 8 inches long (not including tail). That's going to be a very cramped tank. Two fully grown fancies even look cramped in a 29 gal tank. If you find another (proper) home for the goldfish, then you could stock the tank with guppies or tetra (depending on whether or not the water is hard or soft). You will also have a lot more options for plants if rehome the goldfish.

bubbles1 11-18-2012 11:04 AM

How do black moore go in ponds? Would they be okay in the winter cause that would be the only place I could think of putting him... I could sell him but that's quite a hassle, but if I have too I will,

I think some very hardy easy to maintain fish would be best for this tank, I have to test it's parameters first though, I'd want to put something to look at for the kids

Any suggestions ( if the goldfish is gone) ?

I was thinking maybe
5 platies
5 cories
1 apple snail
Something simple like that

thekoimaiden 11-18-2012 02:07 PM

Black moores can work in ponds, but you're too far north. It gets too cold for them in the winter in Canada, so the fish would have to be overwintered inside. Plus, adding a fish (even a common goldfish or a koi) to a pond now would be a death sentence as the fish hasn't had time to adjust to the lower water temps; the shock alone might kill it. You could try making an ad on craigslist or kiji (or however you say it).

If the goldfish is gone, that sounds like a pretty good plan. It would add a lot of color and movement. Just make sure you get all male livebearers.

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