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hellcatq 11-15-2012 02:05 PM

fluval filter flow
Ok I have 29 gallon tank Dimensions: 30-3/16"L x 12-1/2"W x 18-3/4"H

Banana Plant
Cardinal Plant
Kleiner Bar Sword
Water Sprite
Ludwigia Peruensis
anubias on a driftwood
some moss ball

78 wats t5ho light, diy co2

clown loach,several cory catfish,mini bumblebee catfish,albino bristlenose pleco and 4 silver dollar fishes. Not sure which plants will end up growing faster than the silver dollars like to eat them.At the moment it looks like the wisteria is probably going to end up being a casualty along with maybe the kleiner bar sword.

Anyways currently I use a hob aqueon filter that came with the aquarium kit. I want to move to a canister type so that I can use an inline heater and an inline co2 reactor. I think I want to buy a fluval 206 or 306, but I am unsure of the adjustablilty of the output flow. Does anyone here have a fluval cannister with a 29 gal tank an is it adjustable an how strong of output etc..Which of the two would you recomend?

Geomancer 11-15-2012 04:08 PM

The 106 is closer to your size ... why would you put a 70g filter on a 29g? Forest fish want want minimal flow rates. With live plants, the only purpose of the filter is mechanical filtration and in a tank the size of 29 gallon a simple sponge filter can accomplish that task. I know you want a canister for other reasons though. I wouldn't even consider the 306, too much power too little of a tank.

Anyways.... you may want to try and find some new homes for some of those fish. For example Clown Loaches need a school and a 6 foot tank. The Silver Dollar need a 4 foot tank, they also shouldn't be under bright lighting like you have. In addition, they'll eat anything with soft leaves like the Wisteria you mention (and have already seen).

hellcatq 11-15-2012 06:17 PM

Yeah, I regret the silver dollars. Petsmart has unfortunately steared me fairly wrong multiple time is in the past as I did not do much internet research like I should have. I do not know a single other person in the area I live in that has an aquarium.

I think the clown loach seems pretty happy with the corys and I am thinking that he will get moved into my larger tank that I will be getting next year as I play to get a 150 gal one, but my wife won't let me( and I probaby shouldn't anyways), untill we get the house deal finalized as I am soon to buy a house.

Mainly I want a canister because I don't like the way the hanging on the back filter looks and I would like to remove the heater from the tank as well as the inline co2 reactor. Still even so, I don't know that the plants make up for having the tank fairly full of fishes and maybe a canister would help there. I was more concerned about output flow disturbing the plants more than the fish. The corys and the loach dont seem to mind current as I do have a pump in the tank adding some now. Although it is small and is barely felt on the opposite side of the tank.

Well thanks for your opinon, maybe I should just get the 106 or 206. Was considering the 306 becuase most of the places suggested buying a filter that is larger than rated.

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