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victor1061 11-15-2012 04:27 AM

A new setup for my cichlids...
Hi friends,

I'm new here and am planning to rip my new tank and set it up again with a good variety of cichlids. the tank is 120gallon long. Can you suggest a nice setup, like should i use rocks or driftwood will be better and what about the stocking order. I love big powerful cichlids. And i have two jaguars right now for my setup.


Tazman 11-15-2012 07:45 AM

It depends on what your water parameters are as to what would be the best way to stock it.

It terms of asking about stock, you can keep almost anything in that tank.

victor1061 11-15-2012 07:53 AM

I wanna create an amazon dark water kinda setup with roots and rocks. I always dreamed to create sucha setup. Can you suggest a good substrate and background for such a setup.


lee420 11-21-2012 03:42 PM

sand is good.for cichlids and arogonite sand and crushed coral both will buffer your ph to 8 which is perfect for african cichlids
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Tazman 11-21-2012 08:15 PM

As mentioned in my previous post can you be more specific as to what fish you want to stock this tank with - species names etc.

Saying Amazon is like trying to find a needle in a haystack...too vague.

jeaninel 11-21-2012 08:23 PM

You said you had two Jags already. Are they a pair? How big are they? Might not be able to put much else in with them.
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victor1061 11-22-2012 07:27 AM

My new setup
The jags are just 3 inch and apart from them i have a pair of two peacock eels 5" each. The tank I'm planning to put them now is 3 x 2 x 1.5 ft . I have currently kept them all in the 5 feet till they will be moved (although it would have been better to stick to my 5 feet tank but due to size restrictions in my new apartment gotta give it away).

Can you guys suggest some good substrates for these fishes.

Tazman 11-22-2012 07:52 AM

Having that size tank changes a whole lot of things.

A breeding pair of Jaguar cichlids will completely take over a tank smaller than 180g and are extremely aggressive when breeding. Not to mention they are going to outgrow that tank, males easily reach 40cm (over a ft in length), while females stay just under a ft.

The issue is not about substrate here, it is about these fish now being incompatible with the size of tank you have for them. If you are going to keep them, which I can almost guarantee will cause major issues if they are housed with anything else, then you would be looking at a sand substrate.

Something to bare in mind as well, the female will produce some 400-500 eggs when she spawns and if not kept in a separate tank when spawning, these fish WILL chase anything which comes near them, they can quite easily kill off an entire tank.

jeaninel 11-22-2012 02:16 PM

A 3 ft. tank will be much too small for one Jag, let alone a pair. They are small now but you must plan for them at mature size which can be around 14-16" for a male and slightly smaller for a female.

victor1061 11-23-2012 12:05 AM

Cichlids for my tank.
Actually the jaguars I got from a friend who was giving them just 5 days after they were born i took them so small planning to raise them. But unfortunately i have to give up my 5 feet tank. Is there any option for me then if I can possibly exchange the jags for some other cichlids. Coz cichlids are my most favorite and I don't like to part with them.

Can you guys suggest some other cichlids for my tank? I was planning to check out convicts if i could or Altums?

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