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Tyler burkett 11-14-2012 05:29 PM

Clown pleco problem/needle nose gar problem
so my dad put angel fish in a tank with his oscar fish and they where fine for the longest time.then out of no where the oscar kills all but dad got rid of the oscar and now it is one angel a large common pleco a small common pleco and 2 needle nose gar....yah gar. he put the clown pleco in my tank with my corydas and rasboras and i dont know what to do because the corys and pleco will conflict for food and hidding spots(the few i have) and i have no idea how to take care of him in such a small tank.i have a betta tank with a betta in it but i dont know if that will work out or not.not to mention the big tank is a mess>any ways i can make thair stay as painless as posible is a must.

Byron 11-18-2012 04:14 PM

The Clown Pleco should have no issues in with peaceful community fish including corys and rasbora. He needs a wood "home", i.e., a chunk of wood with tunnels or a crevice, as it will normally spend much of the day hidden and not having a "home" will stress it out.


Tikibirds 11-30-2012 02:02 AM

How big is the tank with the betta in it? I have 2 young clowns in with 6 bettas. The clown will spend most of the time hiding in or under things. The bettas usually don't venture down to the bottom of the tank unless they are the algae waffer. Supposedly they are aggressive with their own species and seek out their own territiry but I always see these two within 2-3 inches of each other. I added some ciclid stones for extra hiding spots. Its more natural looking then the PVC pipe that is recommended. I also added a sillicon anemone type thing that they seem to love. Plus I have real plants if they ever venture out away from the corner of the tank

What else have I learned..ummm..yes. You need to have wood for them, not only to hide in but it's part of their diet. I had a chunk of mopani and 4 small sticks of cholla wood (which I think is actually from a cactus and not from a tree at all.) And they poop alot - like snails so either have good filtration or up the gravel siponing. I never see the plecos - just their trail of poop :-? . I added an airstone too since I had a small airpump. I honestly don't know if i need it or not. Alot of the info I see is conflicting which I find infuriating

I think that aslong as the tank is big enough - ie, not a bowl - and you have some ground cover and some wood, the pleco should be fine with the betta.

djembekah 12-04-2012 04:17 PM

i THINK clowns need 15-20 gallons as well.

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