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Casper01 02-17-2008 07:36 PM

90G Tank with rapid leaking water
I've got a 90G cichlid tank, that lost 20g in a few hours. Leak was from the bottom somewhere.

We rushed out and bought another 90G. I moved all the cichlids into my 30g catfish tank. This consisted of a family of 5 Frontosas, and a small assortment of others like acei's, labs, obliquid's.

I filled a 10g rubbermaid tub with tank water, scooped all the gravel into this tub.

I filled the new tank, temp is good. I've applied the declor, added some cycle. Waited for an hour and inserted the filters as they needed to get fresh water. I'm running a fluval 404 and ehiem ___ (large rectangular canister). Both use that new media that's resistant to cl.

The tank walls show signs of new tank, bubbles.

Two questions.

1. When would you put the gravel back in. (it's aerated in the tub right now)

2. When would you put the fish back in?

I know the first question, have I checked the pH. I tried, but I'm out of solution. Stores here won't be open again until Tuesday.

How sensitive are Cichlids to oxygenated water? I've never tried putting a cichlid into "new" water, so I don't know how they're react. The 30G is powered by a Fluval 102. Can all these fish survive until the new tank balances?

Never had to do a move this fast before, I'd really appreciate help. ;)

Edit: PS
This is a Hagen Tank. We bought brand name, thinking it for sure wouldn't leak. Once emplied, we flipped it over, pulled off the plastic base. The bottom glass was over 1/8" to short. Along the front side, all the way across their was a 1/8" gap. I dropped a coin into the gap, it's went down 1/4" before hitting silicone. This isn't just a shift or something, the glass is perfectly square. I've tried attaching photos, not sure if it works... It's really amazing. I'm so glad it's in our basement, not to much damage, just some carpet and drywall. I hope this is the only tank they let slip out like this. I'd be extremely upset if I had this on an upper floor... that would be a lot of damage.

herefishy 02-17-2008 07:44 PM

Now. Your bio bed has already been establish. Monitor the tanks water conditions, specifically ammonia over the next 4-5 days. Any rise in ammonia, do a 50% water change. This shouldn't happen but stranger things..... The bubbles will disappear in a few days, or you may wipe them off.

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