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CallieDee 11-13-2012 09:44 AM

Clown Loach proof decor??
Hey all,

My boyfriend has a 55 gallon freshwater tank with some "leftovers" fish. I bought him 7 platies to kick start the cycle (they all survived). And there are 5 pearl danios that made the move from my cichlid tank to his. We also have our hi-fin spotted pleco (also transferred from my tank) and he bought 3 clown loaches about a month ago as well.

Everything is great in the tank, all fish are getting along and then one day we realized one of the clown loaches were missing. I read that sometimes they will bury into the sand so we weren't that worried. Well last night the two that were left went missing as well and this time we were really concerned. Come to find out that the 2 decorations that we had large openings in the bottom and the loaches had burrowed under the sand and got into the decorations.

The two that went missing last night we found in the bridge (see link below) and the first one that went missing we found dead in the colosseum (again, see link below).

Does anyone have any suggestions of what we can do with these two decorations to make sure this doesn't happen again? OR is there anything that is loach proof out there that we can try instead?

Here is the colosseum:

Here is the bridge:

Thanks in advance for any help!

1077 11-13-2012 12:44 PM

Maybe stuff the opening's with filter floss or polyester batting found at craft store or walmart.
I lost a pleco year's ago in much the same way.
I decided the fake looking decor was a bit tacky for my taste, and removed it all from the tank.
A couple day's later a putrid smell was coming from the rubbermaid tub where I had placed the decor I removed,and upon further inspection,,I saw the remain's of my favorite fish inside the fake decor:|.

fish monger 11-13-2012 01:19 PM

I would just make sure that all decor has an escape route above the substrate level. Sounds like they're getting inside from underneath and then can't find a way out.

willow 11-13-2012 02:13 PM

hey :-)
either block it as already suggested,or change the decor :-(
loaches will stuff themselves into the most strangest of places,or lay on the bottom
of the tank looking dead,their little monkeys like that !
you can make them a safe haven like a dark large open mouth jar which is
hidden or partially buried,slate cave,coconut cave,all of which can be hidden
if you don't like the look.
good luck.

Byron 11-13-2012 05:14 PM

Just don't go too far in the opposite direction or you will harm the loaches.

As mentioned, all loach species must have places where they can hide. I like to use chunks of Malaysian Driftwood which is full of tunnels, and the loaches will explore through these, play games of hide and seek and tag, :lol: and most importantly select one as their home. Loaches must have a "safe" place to sleep, and they prefer a tunnel or crevice in wood (or smooth rock). Obviously your decor is providing this.

Removing all such opportunities will highly stress them, causing health problems and an early demise.


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