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roger0811 11-12-2012 05:51 PM

nitrate reactor
hi my reactor as been running for 6 weeks but my nitrates are still high:-? what is the correct flow in the reactor fast ? or slow ?

Reefing Madness 11-12-2012 06:03 PM

3 drips per second.

roger0811 11-12-2012 06:35 PM

Hi I'm using bio beads the reactor is connected to a pump with outlet by skimmer
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Reefing Madness 11-12-2012 07:10 PM

If the media tumbling or full out blasted against the top? Should just be a tumble through the chamber.

roger0811 11-12-2012 07:33 PM

It's about 2 inches from the top is tumbling when flow was slower my nitrates were low but was told to increase the flow and now they are high cleaned our canister filter and done water change so frustrating
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Reefing Madness 11-12-2012 08:04 PM

Slow it back down, or ditch the thing, I got a better alternative for you. Vodka Dosing. Which I currently do, and have been for over a year now. I noticed you said Skimmer, so i'm going to assume we are talking about a Salt Water system here.
Vodka Dosing by 'Genetics' and 'Stony_Corals' -

roger0811 11-12-2012 08:23 PM

Yes it a reef tank 160 litres have seen posts about vodka but am worried about using plus not got a clue on dosage
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Reefing Madness 11-12-2012 08:35 PM

Read the link. Then ask me. I can start you out on a good starter Dose thats higher than the recommended. if you start the recommended level, it will take you a year to get them down. 42g tank should not be to hard to start you out. Using a medication syringe from a pharmacy. And then again, I need to know how high your Nitrates are.

roger0811 11-12-2012 08:57 PM

Hi thanks will test tomorrow then post readings and exact litres in tank
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roger0811 11-13-2012 01:53 PM

My tests show nitrate 100 😣 and I have around 120 litres after displacement
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