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Erimikos 11-08-2012 01:18 PM

My 55 Gallon tank Stocking idea
Please let me know if this is way off or stupid for whatever reason, but this is what I have come up with..

At the moment, I have Brazilian Pennywort, but not sure how well they will survive with this stocking idea. I would like some plants, but they would definetally need the option of being floating plants as some of these like tearing them up. . .

10x Tiger Barb
2x Female Convict Cichlid
1x Red Tailed Black Shark
1x Electric Blue Crayfish
5x Mystery Snails or possibly a Bristlenose Pleco

*Convicts, I have always liked with a lot of memories of my dad's cichlid tank, the convicts were my favorite.
*Tiger Barbs because the wife wants something schooling, and i have heard they are fun to watch.
*Red Tailed Black Shark - Because my kid thinks they are cool, and so do I. :)
*Blue Crayfish - I know these are a pain in the rear, but my wife really wants one. (and as the rest of the tank is more my preference as what she really wanted was a neon tetra tank, have to make comprimises)
*Mystery Snails - Someone's gotta keep the algae down!

Any thoughts?

(for those that read my other posts, yes, I do have a Sailfin Pleco in the tank now, but I suspect he is going back. He will get too big for that tank)

According to Aqadvisor, the biggest issue is crawfish and tiger barbs, but according to LFS, after the first day or so, they will pretty much just stay out of the crawfish's way. . .
LFS says the fish will after a day or so pretty much stay out of the crawfish's way. . .

Any thoughts?

Erimikos 11-08-2012 03:05 PM

Sorry I messed up. This should probably have been in the Freshwater and Tropical Fish forum. . If a Moderator sees this and can move it, I would appreciate it!


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