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giarc721 02-16-2008 04:34 PM

my 29g this tank includes:

7 Red Eye Tetras
7 Zebra Danios (trying to put them into another tank to free some room up)
3 yoyo loaches
2 black mollies ( i have raised them from birth so i kinda dont want to get rid of them)
some ghost shrimp that have gotten pretty big
and a TON of snails that are taking over the tank.

I am getting some more fish soon, preferably another kind of tetra that looks good schooling. But I think I should probably get the danios out of the tank before i get more fish.

giarc721 02-16-2008 05:22 PM

blueblue48 02-16-2008 06:32 PM

you should get some fish for the middle sector of the tank. looks like you have alot of fish for the top and the bottom. great looking tank by the way.

giarc721 02-16-2008 07:05 PM

any suggestions? when i got my red eyes, i thought they would be around the middle more often based on past experiences. But they do tend to hang up top. Do any tetras that would go good in here hang in the middle?

comando489 02-16-2008 08:08 PM

a few blue rams would be cool

giarc721 02-17-2008 12:36 PM

blue rams are not really compatible with my current stock. Are there any tetras that might go well with my stock? or any other good schooling fish?

Cody 02-17-2008 01:07 PM

Since I take it you want peaceful, I suggest adding Cherry Barbs, Gold Barbs, or Black Skirt Tetras.

blueblue48 02-17-2008 01:36 PM

oooohh yeah definatly a small shoal of black skirt tetras, they stay in the middle, and keep to themselves.

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