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blueblue48 02-16-2008 04:04 PM

snails eggs underwater?
since my betta died in my 2.5 gallon ive had 2 snails just slowly growing and crawling around, there weird, like transparent with little blueish dots on there shells. i wish i could get a picture but my camera isnt the best, so ill have to try eventually. anyways i think there breeding, because now theres 4 snails ive seen. and i know its not above water because ive checked and also below water (near my gravel) theres 2 little transparent sacks with 9-10 little dots in there. the snails really love the tank, theres a small amount of green algae on the walls and some big chunks on the floor, along with a banana plant i need to get out of there since there devouring its leaves. i need an ID on these guys asap. ill post pictures soon.

blueblue48 02-16-2008 04:47 PM

ok its a nikon coolpix so i basically killed these pics. anyways its the best i can do:
on this one you can kind of see the little blueish dots i was talking about.

blueblue48 02-17-2008 12:12 PM

I hate to triple post but no ones replying and last night they laid 5 more sets of eggs! another smaill set on the back wall, two on the left wall and 2 on the right!! i have a total of 7 now! i got a blurry pic of one of the bigger clutches
Oh and i just found another large clutch righ baove the intake of the filter.

SST 02-17-2008 12:27 PM

I can't tell from your pics what kind of snails those are. I have an apple snail and don't know much about other kinds of snails.

Since they are laying eggs under water, I can say that they are not pomecea bridgesii (one of they types of apple snails). Though I think the pomecea canaliculata do, but they grow to be huge, like softballs. So I don't think that's what you've got either.

Try wandering over to Under the discussion forums there are sections on identifying snails. That might help. There is also a section on other snails, which might have pictures.

Good luck!

jr.masterbreeder 02-17-2008 12:35 PM

They are deffinately eggs... Are you talking about a gooey looking sack with little white dots in them? I had alot of those on my hornwort. Deffinately snail eggs.

blueblue48 02-17-2008 01:20 PM

yes definatly gooey sacs with eggs!! HELP I HAVE SUPER HORNY SNAILS IN MY TANK!! i just actually watched both of them lay a clutch at almost the same time!! i now have 10 or so gooey egg clutches!! i think they might be ramshorn, but they dont have the usual coloring for a ramshorn so...

SST 02-17-2008 01:40 PM

If you don't want to raise the chitlins, take them out and put 'em in the freezer to euthanize the eggs before disposing of them.

blueblue48 02-17-2008 01:43 PM

forget that, im excited! i have an extra 10 gallon i might start setting up today to houes these guys, considering this is all taking place in a 2.5 gal! heres a weird thing, the freshly lain eggs are just kind of greeish tinted circles in a mucusy sac, and the 1 or 2 day old are a greenish tint circle with a smaall little white dot in the middle. also i noticed the eggs come out of the side of there shells, near there eyes kind of

SST 02-17-2008 02:32 PM

Cool! Keep us posted. Did you ever figure out what kind of snails they are?

I've only got one snail 'cause I don't want to raise babies and I'm not sure I could freeze any eggs. Wimp! I'm such a wimp! But snails are so much fun, aren't they?

blueblue48 02-17-2008 02:56 PM

definatly great fun. yeah fish_4_all let me know they were common ramshorn snails so thats pretty cool. not too much is going on right now, i think its a lunch break for the little guys.

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