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bf2king 02-15-2008 08:38 PM

How Hard would it be to convert a 29 gallon ...
How Hard would it be to convert a 29 gallon Fresh water tank?

i heard all u have to do is do double the filtration needed for the tank and buy an apropriate skimmer.. is this true? i dont think the tank can be drilled and i dont have room for a sump tank so is this a lost dream?
right now i have 1 Adult Yellow Lab Male and a Large Common Pleco.. Planning on giveing both of them to my lfs...

please tell me if this would work or not and about how much USD it would be... PS i live in Centeral Florida :D

Cody 02-15-2008 08:47 PM

You do not *need* a sump on a SW tank, espically on that size. Yes, it helps a ton, but you can do without if you want to have some more maintnence.

Is this tank glass? I am trying to convert a 5G FW into a Pico/Nano reef. The thing I am worried about is the Acrylic. It will scratch very easily, so I may just go to the LFS and buy an AGA 5-10 Gallon tank with no cover.

You will need a powerhead. 2 would be better in that tank. A PS is not needed. I personally don't like it. If you are willing to do weekly WC's, you don't need one. It takes away some important nutrients in the water that some corals eat, but it keeps the water clear. A PS is all in your decision.

Even a Filter isn't needed, but it sure does help. As long as you do constant WC's, a good flow from powerheads, a CUC, and maybe a CUC, you will be fine. I suggest getting some sort of HOB filter.

bf2king 02-15-2008 09:56 PM

it is glass... i think tempered so no drilling possibilities...
is there anyway i can get this info without the shortinings as i dont know what they mean for saltwater/freshwater equipment (i know nothing about freshwater and very little about a fish that i dont own)(all book knowledge)...

I heard just need a skimmer live sand live rock and doubled filtration (besides fish and salt) (also would a bio-orb work for a salt water tank?)

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