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otter 11-05-2012 03:59 PM

What to do with a 100+ gallon tank?
hello everyone,
at my house, our tap water (from our well) has a PH of 10, a GH of 0 and a KH of 240. I know... it's very strange, anyways lots of my fish who needed a MUCH lower PH where suffering... getting sick a bunch, and I really didn't have time to keep on curing them or lower the PH.

Anyways, I am selling 4 of my tanks and upgrading to a 100+ gallon tank!!!

I was thinking of getting some African Cichlids because they can tolerate my extremely high ph. I can probably get the PH to a 9 if needed, and I can raise the GH.
But, I was wondering what kind of cichlids to get.
Now, I really like lightly stocked tanks, so I was thinking up to 5-6 fish max.
I also wanted a plecostomus to clean my glass, but I'm not really sure if they will be ok with the high PH. Tips? If a pleco won't work then I might get some "mystery snails" Here is what they are...
Mystery Snail - Tropical - Fish - PetSmart

I was thinking about maybe getting a jack dempsy? But I know nothing about cichlids, and I don't know what it would get along with. I also like oscars, but I don't think that it could go with other fish in that small of a tank (water pollution?)

I was also thinking of getting a few of the same species, so anything that gets along with it's own kind.

Peaceful species would be the best, but if they need hiding places, then that may not work because the tank set up I'm envisioning won't have that many hiding places. I was thinking of white-ish substrate and then lots of more gray/white rock formations.

Anyways, Tips would be very much appreciated!

Tyler burkett 11-05-2012 05:45 PM

what to do what to do.i hate to put my opinion into this but you have room for oscars and that is just what you want.i have one and it has been to hell and back and is the best fish i had ever owned.a pair(make sure of male and female) of oscars in that tank and i promise you will never go back to smaller fish.that is your best option to have it lightly stocked and with one good hiding spot for a pleco and you can have one.but with a tank that big it wont be a problem. the oscars are perfect for that tank and a pleco will be ok.if you dont want to or dont have the money for a hiding spot you can take a glass or mason jar and burry it at an angle and its home sweet home for the pleco.dont get one that will stay to small.a royal pleco or emperor pleco are very atractive and get big enough to be ok with the oscars.but a common will always get the job done if you could care less about beauty.with a few minor changes the oscar or oscars will be a fabulous addition to your tank.

otter 11-05-2012 07:16 PM

Awesome!! thank you! I was thinking of getting an albino oscar. Do you think that one albino and one regular color will get along?

And awesome that a pleco will work!!
Thanks, that might just be what I will do.

Tyler burkett 11-05-2012 08:33 PM

There is no such thing as a "regular"oscar.what im assuming you mean is fire red oscar which are the big red ones you see alot.But they may or may not get along.the bigger the fish the more of a head they have on thair shoulders.each one is different.mine is very peaceful and even lays down and lets my 1 inch clown pleco clean it while some cant have tankmates at all.each fish is different but same type oscars are your best shot as long as they are opposite sex.but you also have to remember some plecos need different water needs than the oscars so pick a pleco that will work well on your oscars always want to build your tank around your "centerpeice" fish.But you do have a pretty good shot of different sex and type with the oscars.just remember this key will never make that tank your dream aquarium with oscars about.they make thair enviorment to thair liking.i burry my bubble wands and the oscar digs them up and tilts them at an almost exact 45 degree angle every time yet doesnt bother the each one is different but they always make the tank thair with oscars in it that will never be your tank.its funny sometimes because they like to put the gravel in mounds to lean against.but they are a truely good and smart fish and very rewarding.i promise you will always have stories to tell with a few oscars swimming about.

otter 11-05-2012 08:58 PM

awww they sound so cool!
Thank you and yes I meant fire red
But I am hoping to find a pleco that doesnt mind a super super high ph.
Do you know of one that will be ok?

whenever I see oscars in a pet store, they are juveniles, so how can you tell their gender when they're that young?

Tyler burkett 11-06-2012 03:33 PM

Though both oscars and plecos like lower a ph they are hardy fish that adapt well and will do fine but if you can lower it a bit that can help but they fill do ok.unfortunately oscars are what we call monomorphic, this means that male and female look the will never know untill they breed but if you go into the pet shop and ask for ones that have been together scince birth or are even brother/sisters then they will be safe.but if they do fight they usually push each other around(litteraly) or lock jaws as rams would do with horns.this is normall male or female.but if it comes dowm to them causing wounds then you will want to remove them.but an albino and fire red should get along no matter gender but if they do fight and they are normally happy then there is nothing to worry about.but if they are older and one is chassing the other in circles this means they are a breeding pair and will mate.

otter 11-06-2012 09:41 PM

If I do get oscars, the only place to buy them in my town is petsmart, and they are all sold as juveniles, do you think they will get along since they are probably from the same spawn?

Thank you so much for your help, I am completely leaning towards getting oscars!

Geomancer 11-14-2012 07:56 PM

Do you have a water softener system? A GH of 0 right from the tap doesn't make any sense at all.

If you have a water softener, it would be a really good idea to test water from before that system if possible. Sometimes there is a valve inside, or sometimes the outdoor spigots are not post-softener.

Often those softeners add a lot of salts to the water, which isn't good.

otter 11-14-2012 09:35 PM

I do not have a water softener system, we get the water straight out of the ground.

There are just no minerals in the water except for excessive amounts of boron.. for some reason.

I might just have to borrow my neighbor's water ^__^ because there might just not be anything I can do, and If I do get oscars, I will eventually move when I get older... If I don't in the next 15 years.. then that would be quite sad.

Thank you guys for helping.. I think I will just have to get some driftwood and/or use my neighbor's water.

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