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FishRCool 02-15-2008 01:28 PM

Is it time for Dude or Zebro to go?
As some of you know we have mixed fish that shouldn't be mixed. 2 african cichlids, 2 south american cichlids (yellow lab which some people call electric yellow, blood parrot, red devil, and an orange cichlid with white dots on his bottom fin. I have been told alot that they will not be ok together and I have also been told that it's POSSIBLE they might be see how they act over the 14 day period. Well, last night I noticed "Dude's" fin looks a little mest up. Its a very very small amount but if this was done by the red devil then that means its time for someone to go. :( (whimpers). My cousin posted a video of it on her youtube site. Will you view this 18 second video and on the 12th and 13th second it shows the fin. Please comment. Thanks alot. Also, I don't know if this is important or not but we have been having a hard time keeping the amonia down. We replaced 10 gallons of distilled water 3 days ago and it's going up to stressed and almost to danger again on the test. Comments on this would be great too. We're thinking of replacing some more water today. Can we use tap water (with perfect ph) and just put this stress coat/water conditioner in it instead of having to do the gallon jugs? I had to add a little of this after the distilled water anways and it stabilized so I know it works.

herefishy 02-15-2008 05:16 PM

Well, you say you've been told that these fish are not compatible. Yet, you failed to listen to the voice of wisdom. Some may have told you what you wanted to here. You followed their advice even though you had more people telling you different. So, here's the deal. Either ditch the Africans or can the South Americans. They are not compatible!!!!!

Not only do they come two completely different biotopes, they have different requirements as to water conditions, they need different foods. The Africans are mbuna, algae grazers. The South Americans are predators. So, ditch one or the other groups and build on what you decide to keep.

By the way, what size tank do you have? That tank looks rather small for any of the fish you have mentioned.

FishRCool 02-16-2008 10:40 PM

40 gallons but I was going to move two of them to another 40 gallon tank but I've learned I can't mix the fish. I have been told by 5 people that they might be ok together. Man, I feel like I just got slapped in the face. I have found a lfs that is going to take 2 of the fish Monday. so... thanks for the reply.

Is the blood parrot and the orange fish with the 7 white dots on the bottom south american and the reddevil and the yellow lab (electric yellow) the africans?

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