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direwolf 02-15-2008 12:26 PM

Great site
Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce myself to the site. I have been browsing around here for a few weeks and thought it was time to get involved now. I am new to the aquarium thing, but have always loved fish. I work in the freshwater environmental field.

I got my new 40 gallon hex tall setup early December and now have:

-6 Lemon Tetras
-5 Green Cories
-1 Marbled Angelfish

Lots of tall plants, some nice rocks and driftwood for great hiding places. All the fish seem to be loving it and having a great time.

Great site and great information from everyone involved.



Cody 02-15-2008 12:38 PM

Welcome to FishForum, Brian! :wave:

Amphitrite 02-15-2008 12:40 PM

Welcome to the forum Brian, glad you decided to join up! :wave:

herefishy 02-15-2008 12:48 PM

What a way to get started, a hello and an entry in the photo contest. Not bad. Welcome to the forum. Now where did I put my meds?

willow 02-15-2008 03:25 PM

hi there,welcome aboard,hope you enjoy your stay here. :)

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