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ecl 02-14-2008 10:21 PM

moving fish
On Sunday I am picking up a 45 gallon bowfront for free. the only catch is its 4 hours away. My problem is how do I get the fish that are in the tank back home safe? I was thinking about getting a five gallon bucket and cut some small holes in the lid on for an airline and heater to go into and another for air to release and get some circulation. I would have a power inverter to run the air line and heater, but would this idea work or am I just kind of dreaming about safeing those fish?

herefishy 02-14-2008 11:22 PM

First of all what kind of fish are you moving, how many, and what size are they? Most fish can handle a big move as long as they are kept warm enough. I have taken literally hundreds of fish to major fish show like the ACA, Killifish, and other conventions/shows with road trips lasting more than 4 hours one way. The trick is how yo transport them. My fish were in buckets, bags, and styros.

If the fish are small enough, I would use bags and styros. Add a squirt or two of StressCoat and you should be OK. Just don't over crowd the bags. If they are larger fish, I would either use buckets w/covers or make a stop at a nearby lfs and sell them off.

ecl 02-15-2008 06:53 PM

im not sure how big the fish are or how many. I think 5-10 and I believe they are small but I could be wrong.

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