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Rdb2013 11-01-2012 10:55 PM

20 Gallon H Planted re scape, stocked, update, pictures!
Just did a rescape on my 20 H.

I started cycling it end of september, planted it with wisteria, a banana plant, and microsword narrow leaf. The pictures of it before the rescape are on my aquarium log if you're interested!

I first ordered 10 blue pearl shrimp to put in, one died the first day and the rest have been doing great. I can never count more than 5-6 at a time now, so either there are only 5-6 left... or the rest stay hidden most the time, but they are fun guys.

The next addition was 8 Galaxy Rasboras. Which i have been in love with for awhile, and knew i wanted for my tank when i ruled out a puffer fish like i originally planned for the tank.

I then, two days after the rasboras, adopted 6 Celebes Rainbow Fish, i knew rasboras should probably be kept a lone, but someone i knew was moving and refused to take his tank with him.. he was going to just get rid of the fish.. it was my neighbor.. i'm not to fond of, and he was just going to throw out fish.. so i had to take them, he ended up keeping the tank, but i saved some fish. One died, which didn't look good from the start, the others are doing great and are amazing.

So i'm currently done stocking the tank aside from wanting to get some horned nerite snails to clean some of the algae i get randomly, and the hope that my shrimp breed because i've taken a liking to the shrimp.

I'm currently having issues uploading pics to my log, which is why i made this thread just to get some input on how it looks!

I'm running a fluval 206, 1x t5 HO hagen GLO fixture, and a fluval e series 100w heater, the substrate is eco complete topped with carib-sea tahiti moon sand(20lbs).

Input is welcome!

Some of the wisteria is sparse.. this is because while i was cycling, i was away for 3 weeks, i was using co2 and it ran out while i was away, so i came home to ridiculously overgrown plants... but algae was everywhere so most of the leaves were dying off. It also looks bad due to the fact i trimmed the top of the wisteria.. not the bottoms like i should have.

the banana plant is gone, i didn't like it's look, and the microsword is the same story. I just planted 6 crypt ulduata... or however you say it, as mid ground, and dwarf sag up front!

here's the link to my pictures!

Flickr: RDB2013's Photostream

Thanks Guys!

Also, the bubbles all over in some pics are due to the fact i was vaccuming right before this and the water level was a little lower, so there was some waterfall going on, and the outside of my tank has some waterspots due to some spillage, apologies.

Chesh 11-02-2012 07:47 PM

Pretty tank!!! This will be gorgeous when all fills in!

bigfish93 11-02-2012 11:22 PM

Where did you get the branches from?

Rdb2013 11-03-2012 03:24 PM

I know, i am excited for it all to grow in! thanks!

I got the branch from, it's one peice, they have like 300 pieces and pictures of each piece. Great site!

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