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Magna pisces custos 10-30-2012 03:23 AM

Carnivorous Bristlenose Pleco?
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As far as I know bristlenose plecos are herbivores. Today one of my hi-fin variatus platies went missing.
She had been ill for awhile, not eating much.

So, I pulled the plecos cave/bubbler out of the gravel, and up pops the mangled partially eaten body
of the female platy. It was definitely partially eaten. None of the other fish have ever entered the
plecos little under-gravel cave that I have ever seen. Seems unlikely the platy would have ventured
in. So did the pleco drag it in there? Or maybe she wondered in while he was munching a cucumber, he came
back, and protecting his cave/territory killed it. The pleco killing the intruder makes sense, but then eating
it? That is the interesting part.

In the attached pictures the platy's flesh was clearly eaten away, as was her rear fin and side fins.
She had all black body and it is now white where eaten.

1077 10-30-2012 07:18 AM

Bristlenose is herbivore/omnivore.
Will eat a little bit of everything, but do poorly with too much animal protein's, and not enough herbivore food's like, New life spectrum, spirulina pellet,algae,vegetable matter.
They do not go hunting for fishes to eat, or attack fishes outright, but will happily munch on remain's of fishes that expire in the tank and aren't removed.

charlie1881 12-10-2012 01:43 AM

Bristlenose attacks
Hey , I have a bristle myself and two other placos a high fin and a plain ole placo from wal-mart lol .
Out of them all I can tell you that the bristlenose is a very territorial placo ! compared to any others I have or have had .
He actually runs other fish off or shoos them away if you will from his castle in the corner of the tank . I know that sounds crazy but I watch my fish religiously , ( im a married father of 2 ) so I have no real life outside of home lol . Fish & kids take up my whole existance .
That being said , I will guarante you the placo Did not kill the lil fish but as any good bottom feeder he will get rid of it if left in tank .
Also leaving a dead fish in tank will cause awfull desease to form & spread fast so be sure to keep up with the ones that get sick , if you dont have a med tank you might wanna consider a small 2.5 or soomething of the sort just for that.
I hope this helps ..
God bless and sorryyy for the lose of the lil guy / or gal .

Magna pisces custos 12-10-2012 12:21 PM

Well, I wouldn't "guarantee" that the pleco did not kill the fish. I have a balloon molly that the pleco attacked
and bit a large chunk out of its side. Somehow the molly survived, but there is still a large area of sunken flesh where the BN pleco ate it alive.

charlie1881 12-10-2012 01:53 PM

killer placo
Hey again ,
I was amazed by your thread about it biting the molly I've never seen or heard of that . Did you see it happen? That's wild.
Like I said my bristlenose is very territorial it will run off any that get to close but as far as attacking them openly it hasnt happend ( yet ) .
I really like my placos I've had all kinds and never had one to go after live fishes , sounds like you have a very very tempermental fishy there.
I'm not sure what to say now , sory I couldnt be more help in the matter.
You might try Byron he is a well of knowledge about any and all aquatics. He is a super moderator on here in case you don't know of him.
If you want I will send him a message about the matter.?;-)
You might wanna think about moving the bn untill you can figure out whats happening.He should'nt be attacking healthy live fishes .
Let me know if you want me to talk to byron ,
and sory I couldnt be more helpfull
God bless

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