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wadeh07 02-13-2008 11:40 PM

Question about a 20g and 55g setup
OK so im starting up my "new" 55g this week filled it up and have gravel from a established tank already so I'm gonna give it a couple weeks to get some good bacteria going. my question is i am planning on spliting up the tank with a divider and have a 6-7 inch piranha not sure how big he is now on one side with 4-6 baby piranha's on the other to grow them. Plans now are to wait till the babies get to a couple of inches and then give them the entire tank and sell the larger one for a couple of months of free feeders from the LFS. Now the tank has a ebo jager 250w heater and an emperor 400 so i think both of these should be adiquite (sp) 65 lbs gravel and 2 15w lights. Anything else i need for this tank??

For my 20 where i have the big piranha now when he moves out i would like to get a shoal (sp) / group of chiclids in its a 20g tall i have a ebo in that to not sure of the size but it works great so not worried about that and a 280 emperor for the filter so i think everything is good there.

In this tank i want so nice looking fish that are fresh water. Ive looked at some neon fish and chiclids but i really dont know what i want. Some im asking for some opinions of decent priced fish that look good in groups. How many chiclids could i fit comfortably in a 20g tall? All opinions are appreciated..

crazy4fish 02-14-2008 02:17 PM

i dont know too much about the needs or temperments of these cichlids but these are just a few that i find attractive.

checkerboard cichlids 3in long; golden eyed dwarf cichlids 3in; rams 3in; kribensis 4 in; keyhole cichlids 4in; jewel cichlids 4in; any kind of julie 3-5 in; auratus 5in; chipokae 5in; brichardi 4in; lemon cichlids 3-4in;

just some ideas :wink:

wadeh07 02-14-2008 09:26 PM

alright thanks anyone else with any information it will be greatly appreciated..

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