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Canadian Fish 10-26-2012 03:54 PM

Has anyone kept Bala Sharks and/or Barbs in a Planted Tank
I should have specified Tiger and Odessa barbs.

Does anyone know if these fish are going to devour everything in my tank, like my Silver Dollars do?

I know they can go with Java Fern and Anubias.

I currently have amazon swords and crypts in the tank (the balas and barbs aren't in there yet)

If the barbs are worse for eating plants than the balas, I may get something different to go with the balas.

I've tried getting this info before, but previous attempts have resulted in being told to read the profiles (I had, numerous places, they contradict, which is why I'm asking), being told balas need a big tank (again, I know), and being told balas and barbs can't coexist. They balas are tiny and won't be big enough to eat tiger barbs for years, I would assume. I have 5 tanks so when the balas get that big, I can put the barbs in another tank.

If anyone had experience with either of these fish with plants, I would appreciate some advice. Thanks.

Inga 11-01-2012 09:53 AM

MY Tiger barbs were never a problem with the plants. In fact, I so wish had gotten a video of them playing with the Pennywort ball. I had a huge ball of Pennywort free floating at the top. When it made it's way over to where the HOB filter was, it began to spin in a circle and the Tiger Barbs were having a blast playing with it, swimming around the plant as though they were on a ferris wheel. A few of them actually rode the plant around in the circle and came up out of the water to do so.

They never were a problem with any of the plants but I had a large group and they kept to themselves for the most part.

AndrewM21 11-01-2012 12:58 PM


I have had Tiger barbs in a planted aquarium with no issues at all, bala sharks are a different story however. The problem with bala sharks is their size. I'm assuming you intend to put these in your ?220G? aquarium so it may not be as big an issue. Bala sharks get so large that they are basically a huge battering ram heading towards your fragile plants.

Your plants can and most likely will be easily uprooted by large bala sharks.

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