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sweetcaroline 02-12-2008 03:19 PM

Thoughts on my Weather Loach's change in behavior!!!
Hey all,
I am new to this site and thought I would ask a Q about my normally peaceful weather loach.
FYI..I have a 75g with one weather loach (near full grown at about 7 or 8" and quite plump), 3 black kuhli loaches (because I couldn't find anymore weathers and thought they would keep the weather company and they do!), 2 pictus catfish, 1 rainbow shark (still only 3 or 4") and 1 sunset or fire gourami who have lived happily in the tank together for about 6 months.
Also, my BF, who does all of the maintenance, checked the water on Sunday and did a 20% change and said the water was within normal parameters. Of course, I can ask him what the actual numbers were when he gets home from work, but he has been a hobbyist for well over 10 yrs and I trust him!
ANYWAYS...I love my loaches and they are normally very very laidback and peaceful but since last night I have noticed my weather acting aggressively (??) toward the shy pictus. This shy pictus is a true cat in that he is rarely seen swimming except after lights out, the other pictus is more active. I have never seen the loach bothering him (this pictus usually hangs out in the darker areas beneath some plants or behind the large fake log) or playing with him, I am not really sure what is happening.
It appears that the loach is trying to taste him??!! No clue, but he keeps chasing him around. When they are not doing this, sometimes the loach just lays quietly next to the pictus...very odd, but he is quite a character.
The cat appears healthy and was eating at lights out feeding last night and circling the tank early this AM when I left for school and is not acting abnormally. I know sometimes fish will act out towards sick fish, but i don't think that is the case here.
If anyone has any thoughts or similar experiences, I would appreciate it.


herefishy 02-12-2008 04:51 PM

Sounds like it may be a problem between the fish establishing territory or some sort of "pecking order". I would just continue to monitor the situation and if it esclates, or one becomes injured, make the necessary adjustments at that time.

okiemavis 02-13-2008 05:04 PM

I don't know how heavily planted/decorated your tank is, but it might be worth it to load up on hiding spots. It breaks up the lines of sight between fish and allows all of them plenty of space to claim their territory.

adamf1126 02-13-2008 05:14 PM

also, weather loaches are not "tropical fish" they are coldwater fish and should not be kept in an environment like that. They should be kept in coldwater tanks with goldfish and other coldwater species.

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