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TitanTDH 10-24-2012 12:45 AM

Some more info on fertiliser please
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Hi all. Just checking the info from the LFS to make sure i am not going to make a serious mistake and kill the plants/fish and allow algae to bloom. I am aware that the tank is over stocked with fish (thanks LFS) and am currently using 1ml Flourish twice a week.

Current plants

Java Moss-Taxiphyllum Barbieri(New addition)
Blue Stricta- Namophila Stricta (New addition)
Micro Sword- Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis (New addition) after a fish ate it
Red Crypto- Cryptocoryne Walkeri 'Lutea' (Original Fit)

The LFS recomended I add Flourish Excel (Liquid CO2) to the aqauarium to help the plants grow. I understand the whole Photosynthesis principle, but given that the tank is overstocked:evil: should i consider using the excel to assist in the plant growth or let the fish provide the CO2 for the plants.

All the tank lighting and filter info is in my aquarium log.

Ive added a picture (not sure if it will work)



Byron 10-24-2012 04:35 PM

First, just to clarify (well, sort of...) the plant Nomaphila stricta: According to the Kew Plant Index, this name is unresolved under the WCPS [World Checklist of Selected Plant Families], and probably refers to the same species as Hygrophila stricta, which name is also unresolved. Unresolved means the names are neither accepted as valid distinct species, nor accepted as valid synonyms. In her book Aquarium Plants, the German botanist Christel Kasselmann gives both names as synonyms for Hygrophila corymbosa. This plant is in our profiles [click the shaded name] which has a brief mention of the foregoing. The above is somewhat pertinent, because it tells us something about the plant's requirements for light and nutrients.

To your question on CO2 and Excel. First, there is considerable CO2 produced naturally in a planted tank with a sizable fish population. The waste settles into the substrate as organics which bacteria break down, producing CO2; this is the main source, but is also supplement by respiration CO2 of fish, plants and bacteria themselves. If this natural CO2 is balanced by light and the other nutrients, the plants will grow fine. I am not familiar with the specified light, so can't say much other than I would consider this to be moderate, so the natural CO2 plus once a week dose of Flourish should balance fairly well. I would not consider CO2 addition necessary. And if the light is as I surmise, adding CO2 would achieve nothing without increasing the light and the other nutrients to balance.

And this brings me to the Excel and similar liquid carbon additives. I do not recommend them. Below is an excerpt from another site [just to give credit as it is not me] that sums this up.
Listed as the “Active Ingredient” on the bottle is Polycycloglutaracetal. Research reveals that, aside from SeaChem literature, there is no such thing. Polycycloglutaracetal, apparently, is a trade name for a product developed by SeaChem, which appears to be an isomeric form of glutaraldehyde. At least the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Excel list glutaraldehyde as the active ingredient.

Glutaraldehyde is an antimicrobial, bactericide, fungicide, and virucide, commonly used to sterilize medical instruments. It is also used as an embalming fluid, as an ingredient in Anti-Freeze, an antibacterial agent in cooling towers, a leather tanning agent, a biocide in water treatment, a sanitary solution for portable toilets, and is used to sterilize ballast tanks in ships moving from one water source to another (to kill off pathogens and critters that may be transferred in the tanks from one water way to another).
Hope that is of some help.


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