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conger 02-11-2008 03:08 PM

just wanted to drop a line and say I've been reading this forum and your product webpage, and I am very intrigued. I plan to purchase one for my 90gal FOWLR very soon, and of course I'll come back and update this post once I get it and have it running for a while to (hopefully!) give more support and proof that it works to others :)

I just wanted to say thanks for making this product and taking the time to sponsor this site and advertise your product here. Hopefully, other companies/vendors will see your example and follow suit! Its great being able to read testimonials from real customers from within this forum's community, as opposed to random reviews on random websites from random people who most likely work for (or in competition against) the company that is being reviewed.

conger 02-11-2008 04:16 PM

actually, a couple of quick questions:

(1) I noticed that adjustment to the flow rate is required every couple of days... is this something that is needed more during the initial setup and stabilization of the filter in the system? Like, after a month or two, does the variation of flow decrease, and eventually converge on a pretty stable drip that doesn't need adjustment?

(2) I've certainly heard that "there's no such thing as too much filtration," but I also saw in another question where you mentioned that it might be a good idea to turn off protein skimmers while allowing the aquaripure to cycle (to ensure that you have sufficient organic material going in to the aquaripure). My question is, with an aquaripure, is it still OK to have a protein skimmer, or would having both filters really be unnecessary or counter-productive?

Thanks a bunch for any help you can give :)

Gump 02-12-2008 04:54 AM

I have to adjust mine daily or it will be dry by day two if set at the instructions flow.

Aquaripure 02-12-2008 10:39 AM

In most cases adjusting the flow rate every other day is more than sufficient and in most cases it DOES fluctuate less (thus require less adjusting) as time goes by and nitrates decrease. I've had people who actually tell me they very rarely adjust it and it works fine although that would be an exception. I recommend always adjusting it 2-3 times a week unless you are out of town. Every tank and set up is different so individual experiences can vary slightly.

In response to Gump's comment keep in mind that since the outflow is slow it the flow rate can APPEAR even slower than it actually is when the clear end of the outflow tube is not be filled completely. It is normal for the flow rate to slow a little on the second day after adjusting it though and this is OK! The bacteria are still working inside the filter and when you set it again it will even out. I have had people say they adjust it daily with good results but I believe better results are normally obtained adjusting it every 2-3 days. In some cases I believe overadjusting can hurt the denitrators performance.

With the Aquaripure it is possible for there to be too much filtration. This is normally only a problem when there is a skimmer along with a lot of live rock AND other biological filtration. If you have a lightly stocked tank with two oversized skimmers and a huge sump full of bioballs and a ton of live rock then the Aquaripure will not cycle properly. People love and spend a lot of money on their skimmers so I don't insist you get rid of it but it is unnecessary to have both. In the manual I simply recommend reducing the skimming action of the skimmer.

conger 02-12-2008 12:56 PM

awesome, thanks for the response. My tank is relatively new, ~2 months old, so I actually haven't bought a protein skimmer yet. That was going to be my next purchase, until I saw this product :). I think I may go with the Aquaripure instead.. though I'll describe the filtration I currently have (90gal, lightly-stocked FOWLR):

I do have the wet/dry overflow full of bio-balls, I have about 65lbs of liverock in the main tank (with 60lbs of baserock, which will eventually be liverock!), I have a canister filter with activated carbon and phosban, and I have a UV sterilizer. So the Aquaripure will be in addition to all of this, hopefully capping off my filtration needs. Though, I want to be a filter junky, so if you don't think a protein skimmer would be counter-productive after adding the Aquaripure, then I may still go with that as well. Basically, if protein skimmers serve a pretty critical role, then I'd hate to leave that out of my filtration system.

As far as adjusting flow, thats totally fine, it was more of a curiousity to me. I'm an engineer, and trying to imagine the way it works, it seemed interesting to me that the system wouldn't eventually converge on some stable steady-state operation. Having to adjust it often doesn't affect me wanting to purchase one though :)

Thanks again for the response, I should be placing an order within a week or so!

Aquaripure 02-12-2008 04:32 PM

I would strongly suggest holding off on the skimmer several months. I mean, if you have perfect water quality and zero nitrates at that time then what would the point of getting a skimmer be??? I would also suggest gradually reducing the bioballs in the wet/dry and removing up to 80% of them. Remember the Aquaripure serves as an aerobic and anaerobic biological filter. You can keep a few in there. This is in the instructions.

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