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Boredomb 10-20-2012 09:29 PM

How to deal with back/neck pain?
Has anyone dealt with straighten cervical spine before along with/or slight scoliosis? I have had neck and back pain for about two years now and I am TIRED of it. I went to a chiropractor last week and he said he could help. Basically I have a 6 curve in my neck when it should a 45 curve and my upper spine is curving making my right shoulder blade to go up higher then my left. The reason I went to a chiropractor instead of a doctor is because the start of it 2 years ago I was told it was just all muscle related and gave me muscle relaxers which NEVER helped and that was the end of it.
I am going to go the chiropractor for 60+ visit which is the amount he says it take to fix it. If it doesn't then I will go to a different doctor and see what they say. My question is for those who have dealt with it or are dealing with it what are or did you do to fix it????
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Chesh 10-21-2012 11:57 AM

Dude. You are just falling apart!!! I've never dealt with anything like that, very sorry to hear that you are. My husband has major back problems of a different kind (and, interestingly enough, when the back pain wasn't being dealt with is when HE was having so many stomach-related issues). There isn't anything that can be done for him short of surgery - which he is unwilling to risk, because back surgery comes with a lot of potentially terrible risks. He's just dealing with it, has a combination of muscle relaxers and pain meds that he tries not to take - but he has totally different issues than you. I hope the chiropractor can help out, back pain can be so debilitating. . .

Boredomb 10-21-2012 02:34 PM

Yes am falling apart! The bad think is I am only 31!!! Too young for this crap! I am thinking this is all from a mountian bike wreck I had about 10 years ago. I was going way to fast on this trail when all of a sudden I can across some big frecken gravel
Well one thing lead to another and next the think I knew I was rolling to the side of a cliff. I had to grab a tree to stop myself and when I finally got up and found my bike my brother-in-law caught up to me and said I look like I got the **** beat out of me a bat! Next day ended up in the hospital for unbelievable muscle spasms in my neck. Nothing was broke so they came me some really good drugs. That eventually went away till about 2-3 years ago
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Sqbear46 10-21-2012 04:04 PM

I can unfortuntely understand your pain.

I have chronic pain, i was injured at my job in 2002 and have never been the same. I've been through chiropractors, PT, pain management, shot, pills, procedures......etc.....My discs in my neck are damaged and can never be repaired. 4 Neuro Dr's have told me i will never be able to have surgery. All this at 38yrs. I'm now 46yrs.

Friends/family try to "help" but unless they have been through this they really don't know how to "help" us. Everyone seems to have "good advice" but.......

I'm now considered a "medical maintance" patient. A lifetime of pain and nothing medical science can do for me. I take pills everyday just to be able to get out of bed....gggrrrr......i used to not believe my g'parents when they would tell me they could "feel it in their joints" when it was going to rain.

I now believe them as i can "feel" it too. I sometimes walk like an 80yr woman. The cold weather really affects my pain! I was not able to continue working so had to apply for SSDI plus i was medically retired from my job. What a waste of education/life!

The depression was so bad that i was actually suicidal for awhile. Slowly i started to "move" again. I now take 3-4 water aerobic classes at my gym (i'm in the process of being certified to teach water aerobics classes) I walk with my friends on Sundays.

I'm back to living!

It's hard to live with chronic pain 24/7! Search for support groups online/face to face (they helped me so much in the begining, as i thought i was the only one! Believe me there are many out there that live with this.

Take it "one day at a time" things will get better.

Boredomb 10-21-2012 05:09 PM

I am just tired of it! Tired of always hurting and Doctors telling me there's nothing "wrong"! Tired of always being tired, dizzy, hurting,headaches continuously, and not having the strength I use to have especially in my arms. Sometimes they feel like jello! I am thinking about going to different spine doc and see what they have to say. Just need some relief even if it is in drug form. I have done PT and chiropractic before didn't help then not sure it will help this time either but it does temporary ease the pain after the adjustment. Then it comes right back!
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Sqbear46 10-21-2012 06:11 PM

I too was "sick and tired" of the constat pain!!

Have you been to a pain mgt Dr yet?

Boredomb 10-22-2012 12:18 AM

No, I went to my Doc at the beginning of this (almost 2years now) and he sent me to a spine specialist. I saw him the first time and got x-rays and later on a MRI. Just to have him say my neck is fine. He didn't see anything at all. I am trying to remember now if there was a curve in my cervical spine then and I can't remember but he gave a couple of different muscle relaxers and had me go thru PT. I saw him a couple more times after that just follow up on my discomfort as he called it (pain to me). It did get some what better but never went away. I went back to my doc and talk to him and he mentioned me trying Chiropractic treatment. Though he couldn't/wouldn't mention where or who to see. Just said some ppl have luck with it and left it at that. So I went to one a friend recommend last year. Once again it helped but never got better. My insurance changed at the beginning of this year soI had to stop seeing him. Its been 10 months now and I just about got to my breaking point with pain. Found a new chiropractor that takes my crappy insurance and I have been 3 times now. My doctor is now longer in his office as he became the director on the board of some insurance company for the elderly. He has 2 nurse practitioners running his office with him over looking of coarse. Thinking about going and talking to one of them to see what they have to saw. If I have another day like today I will go to them pretty soon.
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Boredomb 10-22-2012 12:22 AM

I am so confused why a spine doctor didn't see anything wrong with my neck when I have had 2 chiropractors tell me there is definitely a issue???? Is it that they just want money that bad to just make me believe there is an issue or did I just go to a "bad" spine specialist who just didn't care??? Either way the pain is real and just needs to go away or I just need some way to manage it.
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Sqbear46 10-22-2012 05:59 PM

It sounds like you need to get a new primary Dr. I went through 2 before my lawyer (mine was a work related injury, so that made it a work comp case) had me see one that she had worked with before. Finally someone who knew what the heck they were doing! Someone who finally believed that i had pain! My 1st visit he held me while i cried!

I'm going to assume you have an HMO insurance, so that means you have to have a primary refer you to a specialist. Once you get a new primary let him know you have been through chiropractors (i saw mine 2 times and i did nothing but cry, so finally i refused to see him again) tests, meds, etc. You may need another type of test to show exactly what's causing your pain, not just the ones you have already been through, (oh yes it's about $$$$ cause this tests are NOT cheap!!) Your Dr can only order what your insurance will pay for as they now control everything! Insurance compaines do NOT care about your pain for them it's a business! I've worked in the medical fields for almost 15yrs before getting injured. So your Dr's hands are basically "tied"

You may need meds to help take the edge off the pain so you can have a productive life. Only a pain Dr can rx the narcotics that may help (that's only if you are open to taking them) Keep an open mind, try what he/she may suggest to you, this is the only way to find out what works for you and what doesn't. You have many options, you may choose to not take narcotics and try other ways to help your pain. But you 1st have to find out WHY you have this pain.

What state do you live in? Many states are cracking down on pain management clinics due to people abusing narcotic meds/od'ing.

I'm in Calif so its not too bad here esp if you have documentation as i have. Plus it helps me that i know alot of the medical people and it's written in my chart what my profession was.

I know how it feels to have these so called "professionals" telling you there is nothing wrong, yet you have pain! You actually start to feel like your going "crazy!!"

Also look up the American Pain Foundation, they have a list of Dr's in every state, it will also tell you what insurance they take.

Keep "fighting" NEVER give up!

Boredomb 10-22-2012 07:11 PM

I actually have a PPO plan through UHC. So I don't have to have referrals to go specialists but my insurance doesn't pay much on certain things. Getting them to approve test that the doctors know I have to have is also a trick sometimes. Found this out with trying to get a HIDA scan done. I had to have 2 other test done before the insurance would approve it.

I live in TN. I know there are pain management clinics here as there are 2 in my town. So I am sure that's not a problem. Trying to figure out the root cause of the pain from the doctors might be. I will have to wait till next though ad I am going out of town tomorrow till Friday.
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