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jsm11482 11-02-2006 10:37 AM

Missing Fish!
So I hard-plumbed my tank last night with PVC, etc. This morning when I took a look at the tank I couldn't find any fish. So I openned my canister filters and found 1 in the first one and the other 3 in the second one! I did not put any strainers on the end of the intake tubes (obviously) so I guess they just swam in or were sucked in. I thought they were smart enough to know to swim away from currents? Anyway, they are all fine, somehow :dunno:. Just thought I would share!

JouteiMike 11-02-2006 11:40 AM

Good to hear.

Currently I'm missing one of my weather loaches. I did a little remodeling of the tank yesturday, and hopefully I didn't crush him with a rock or something...I checked under them all and stirred the gravel a bit, and also checked the filters and around the tank if he jumped out, still no luck. :?

jsm11482 11-02-2006 12:17 PM

well I hope you find him! I also can never find my 4 shrimp but I know they're in there somewhere!

Mike 11-02-2006 01:09 PM

Glad to hear they are all okay, jsm11482! JouteiMike, I hope you find your weather loach soon :(

JouteiMike 11-03-2006 12:42 AM

I'm happy to say, my Weather Loach has returned. :D From where? I have not the slightest idea!

jsm11482 11-03-2006 09:31 AM

Haha at least he's back!

jsm11482 11-07-2006 10:26 AM

Ever since the mishap, they have been very shy - they hang out all the time behind one specific plant. I wonder what's going on back there.... They still swim around once in a while but they dont come up for food any more :cry:. Maybe they are traumatised?

Amphitrite 11-07-2006 10:30 AM

Is it the zebra danios you're talking about?

jsm11482 11-07-2006 10:38 AM


girlofgod 11-07-2006 10:42 AM

i have a danio that does that too...there were three of them in there..but ever since i took out the bigger two he hides behind the heater...he comes out to eat everyday but thats about it...then he's right back behind the heater. he's been like that for months...oh well.


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