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Blaxicanlatino 02-10-2008 06:37 PM

my betta has 2 holes in his side!!! Today. i jusr purchased the 10 gallon starter kit that comes with a 10 gallon tank, a light hood, a filter and a buch of other food and stuff. i decided to move the betta fish from his 1 gallon tank to the new 10 gallon tank. as i was transpoting him, i noticed 2 large holes in his side!!! WHAT IS THIs!!! while netting him, he crashed violently into the net. could the holes appeared because of the crash? is it fungus? i have no pics but i can say that theres no white stuff on his body (mold or fungus) and i just noticed the holes just now!!!

How can i help him heal? before i noticed the holes, i was treating him with BettaFix remedy for healing his taill fin.
How can i prevent injury when transporting him? how should i transport him?
what should i do???

It'sJames 02-10-2008 06:49 PM

Was he housed with any other fish?

SST 02-10-2008 07:19 PM

No James. He just has the one.

Blaxicanlatino 02-11-2008 12:23 PM

hes alone in an empty tank with no substrate or plants.

i also noticed his eyes are cloudy. why cloudy? im checking is water today at the petstore. when i take the water in, what should i ask for?

Falina 02-11-2008 07:21 PM

Ask for results for amonia, nirtite , nitrate and ph. Don't accept them telling you it's fine, or not so good. Ask for numbers.

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