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Shawn 02-10-2008 05:27 PM

Problem with Octopus NW 150
I bought an Octopus NW-150 less than 3 months ago. The box had no instructions or warranty paperwork in the box. Thankfully, the skimmer was very easy to put together by just looking at the picture on the box. The skimmer has been working wonderfully, until now.

The skimmer pump is no longer working correctly. The pump sounds like it wants to work, but no water is sucked up into the skimmer. There has always been plenty of water over the pump.

Any ideas? I tried to contact Octopus online, but I have yet to get a response via email.

Has anyone had any problems with the Impeller in the pump going out so soon? Or perhaps the venturi or seals? Is there a way to check to see if the impeller is the problem without the trial and error method of buying replacement parts to see if that is the problem?

bettababy 02-12-2008 06:36 PM

I fear nobody here is familiar with that specific piece of equipment, or it's manufacturer. The reason I always suggest researching a product before purchase is for the very reason you are here. If you don't have any luck with the company you may find you'll need to replace it. Do your homework next time and ask around, make sure you can get help with it if/when you need it.
I have asked everyone I know here in the industry and nobody has heard of that particular skimmer. So sorry it took so long for me to answer you, but I've really been trying to find some info that might help you... nothing to be found.

Shawn 02-12-2008 07:42 PM

Thanks for your reply. I did, in fact, research skimmers on this forum prior to my purchase and this skimmer came very highly recommended. Premium Aquatics also recommended it. I guess no one with this skimmer had this problem. I appreciate your help.

bettababy 02-12-2008 08:29 PM

You're welcome, I wish I could have been more help to you. I'm surprised that nobody here has any comments if it was something our members have recommended... That's just not one I've had a chance to play with yet!

bronxer 02-13-2008 03:20 AM

try other websites
try They seem to be knowledgeable on skimmer problems and might be able to help you.

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