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RackinRocky 10-18-2012 01:48 AM

Heater temps fluctuating
Do any of you have the same problem I have with the tank temperature? My house gets cool in winter (often down to 60F) so I have to turn up my heaters quite a bit to keep the tanks around 78-80. When its warmer, I have to turn the heaters down again or the tanks will get too warm. Sometimes its hard to predict how cold it will get overnight. Aren't heaters supposed to keep the tank at the temp you choose on the dial? Or at least close to it? I'm confused. I never know if the temp might drop at night, and my tanks will be 75, or if they'll be 81 in the morning. Its just that I don't keep my house temperature controlled, so is this normal? My house can be up to around 88 in summer before I turn on the air, or down to 60 at night in winter, as I already stated. Do you know of any way to keep these fluctuations from happening, other than cranking up the central heat in the house in winter, and having a higher propane bill than I already have? Which is outrageous as it is?

By the way, I have Aqueon heaters in my 55 gallon, and Via Aquas in my 20 and 10 gallons. Thanks!

rjordan390 10-18-2012 07:07 AM

This is what Aqueon recommends for 55 gallon tank:

To increase water temperature 5 to 10 degrees F above room temperature, 150 watt heater is recommended. Is this what you have?
To increase it 15 degrees above room temperature, a 200 watt is recommended. Your problem as I see it, is the room temperature is dropping too fast for the heater to keep up with it. You may need to step up to 200 watt heater.

You can try re-locating the heater to a spot near the discharge or return. This will help but I cannot say if it will be enough.

RackinRocky 10-18-2012 03:00 PM

Hi - thanks for replying. I have a 200 wt. Aqueon heater in there currently. I just bought another 200 wt. yesterday, since I've heard its best to have two heaters for a tank that size. Apparently even the 200 wt. isn't sufficient for me. I have to tweak it just right, and try to guess how cold it will get in that room at night. And the heater I have in there now is very close to the filter.

rjordan390 10-18-2012 04:36 PM

I believe that should do it as long as you can synchronized both of them. If you have trouble tweaking them, then consider a separate quality thermostat to control both heaters. Then all you need do is to set both heaters 5 degrees above where you normally would; then set the main thermostat to the desired temperature.
If you go this route, check the spec's to make sure the thermostat does not have a spread that is not any better then the aqueons.

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