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PaulO 10-17-2012 12:29 PM

My molly has velvet
Help I am dealing with what I am pretty sure is velvet, this started when I got my mollies at pet smart which already I should have expected to have troubles with. I brought home my mollies and they have all dropped off one by one without a warning(died at night, bodies were found in the morning) until I now have my last molly. The molly is a black molly and had a little bit of silvering on her sides, I noticed a few days ago that she was swimming against the tank walls but it wasn't until this behavior became consistent that I became suspicious. I took out my flash light shone it on her and sure enough I find the aquatic version of the bronze man. It looked like my fish had dove into a pool of gold glitter. I have never had to deal with disease in my tanks as I have only started keeping fish for a few months months ago so if I could get some help it would be much appreciated. I need to know what medications will treat velvet most effectively, how to ensure I can prevent a comeback, and how I would go about sterilizing my tank and equipment after the fish has been treated or if I would need to toss it out. Thank you for your consideration


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