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Sylverclaws 10-16-2012 05:56 AM

My Molly fry funny video
Ah, here's my Nursery tank again! My fry are growing pretty fast, and new babies are on the way. I have a mother in the nursery with the juveniles to give birth, and she'll add to my already...too many babies. lol I have the three older babies in there I decided to keep, as well as the two Red Platy fry...but I am considering moving them into the adult tank temporarily. They may only be about two months old, but they're big enough to kill newborn fry. They haven't had a problem with any others though, so I am not -too- concerned, but I am keeping watch.
By tomorrow I should have some new balloon molly fry to show you guys as well! =) But for now, look at how big my three oldest molly fry are getting!
This is a funny video. Every time the balloon mother came near, they would all go to the other side of the tank. Haha, when I first put her in everyone went to investigate and she left them alone. But every so often the mother gets her ever so lovely labor pains and she'll move fast or hit the dirt...literally, and I think it freaked out the fry. lol

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