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Electric Blue 10-14-2012 10:13 PM

Dwarf Hairgrass
I have gotten a new tank up and running for about a month now and I seem to be having trouble with my dwarf hairgrass. In my tank I currently have 7 white tailed rosy tetras, 1 Amazon Sword and 2 Java Ferns that are thriving in my tank but my 2 dwarf hairgrass plants have mostly turned brown and have not spread like they are suppose to. This is my first time with hairgrass but I have read it is one of the hardier and easier plants to care for. My tanks temp is at 77 degrees and the PH is neutral. Should I take them out of my tank and try a different type of plant?

Byron 10-15-2012 05:26 PM

Not sure where you read that Dwarf Hairgrass was "easy," many would not agree with you.:-)

All "carpet" plants generally require brighter light and higher nutrients, and perhaps CO2 diffusion. Sometimes one of these species may "survive" in lower conditions, you don't know until you try. Amazon swords 9the green leaf species, not red) and Java Fern will usually be fine in moderate light with a decent nutrient supplementation (that does not need to include CO2).

The symptoms you mention are almost certainly light (not enough) and/or nutrients. Elocharis acicularis, to give the plant its proper name, needs good light and sufficient nutrients. I can't offer suggestions on either as you haven't mentioned your setup, but if you do I will offer what i can.


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