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shireelf 10-13-2012 05:09 PM

Help! Fish dying of ick!
So I noticed that one of my guppies started to swim kind of weird last week, like they were coming down with the fish version of scoliosis. I didn't think too much of it because she didn't seem to be in distress and was still eating fine. Then earlier this week I noticed that she had some small white spots on her and her poop was pale and stringy. So I started to put some of the API anti-bacterial medicine in the water. So yesterday I looked and all but one of my guppies had the white specks on them and the first guppy wasn't eating anymore.

So I got up this morning to check on them and one of the females died in the night. So I took her out and did a 25-35% water change and added a little salt. I've slowly started to turn up the temperature and right now it is at 82 degrees. I separated one of the females that looked really bad and put them in an isolation tank and put some salt in it, I', pretty sure she is going to die. I also found the guppy that had this first dead after the water change. Is there anything else I can be doing, I don't have the money right now to go and buy ick medicine for them.

Also are there any precautions I need to be taking in handling the tank, for me and the fish. I am letting my stuff dry completely before using it in my other tank, as soon as I can I am going to buy stuff so I don't have to share between tanks. Thanks.

shireelf 10-15-2012 05:55 PM

Well what I am doing must be working because one of the fish infected has cleared up and the other one is looking better. One male never had any spots so maybe I stopped it before he caught it. I do plan on getting some new fish because only two males and one female survived. Lucky for me one of the males is really submissive and the other male doesn't bother the female too much because she always sticks by him. I plan to wait a couple of weeks to make sure all the ick is dead, if it even was ick.

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