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Markus Shark 10-12-2012 01:26 PM

Bala Shark help
Hi, im one of those newbies :shock: and ya...

This is truff for me to say, breath. One of my Balas is now swimming in the big sea.
I feel really bad. Iv had four Balas for about 4 weeks. i noticced last week the one has been isolating himself from the others, not really swimming too much either, just vegging out.

this lasted about 5 days and DIED... As i say, i was watching this behavior, i really dont think he was sick, maybe just not part of the click :roll: has anyone else expiereanced something like this before???

Apart from that they "the other three" / "the click" / "the pack" are looking very happy.

I got sum blood worm, wanted to treat them. they munched it up. and i wanted to feed them more, they looked so happy. SO... i havent fed them more yet... lol. I want to know how much i should actually be feeding them this magic treat?

They babies.

Give me sum more suggestions please, since all the pet shops in this town seeem absolutly brain ded :oops: plants? filters? im saving for a 375 litre tank. A cheaper way to check my ph, and or nitrate values, to add salt or not, how much. food? anything, very interested in other peoples opinions, and you all seem to be fishereses :-P

Byron 10-13-2012 12:11 PM

First, welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.:-D

Second, I have moved your post to start a thread of its own. You had posted in an old thread from 2010, and it is better to start as new thread unless it is directly part of the original.

Third, to your questions. And here I will first refer you to our profiles, second tab from the left in the blue bar across the top of the page; if the name is used the same in a post as in the profile, it will shade as a link, example Bala Shark, and you can click the name for that profile. General info on tank size, numbers for this fish [probably explaining the demise], aquascaping the tank, etc will be found in the profile so I needn't repeat all that.

On the bloodworms, this is a food that should not be fed more than once per week, or twice at most. It is very high in fat and protein. With all the highly-nutritious prepared flake and pellet foods available today, fish should be weaned onto and fed mainly with these.

And on the salt, no. Here is why not:


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