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bradley22 02-09-2008 05:05 AM

Replacing Filter pad, can you do it and how do you do it?
Hey Guys,

Just a quick question a 2ft tropical tank with couple gouramis and 3 glass catfish and some peppermint brittle nose catfish. I have a Otto filter 600L/H i have one filter pad in it and i was wondering they have been in their about 18months now and have done wonders for my tank since i purchased that filter i have not lost a fish, no problems everything seems to be going well. Just starting to notice that the filter pad is becoming harder and harder to clean in the tank water with my weekly water change. Can you possible replace the filter pad and if so how would you go about it without affecting the bacteria cycle and thus possible harm to the fish. Is there a way to pro long the life of the filter pad if not how often should you replace the filter pad to ensure the quality of water for the fish and long term stability of the tank?

Any help would be great thanks guys

herefishy 02-09-2008 01:46 PM

First of all, I must ask if the power filter is your only means of filtration. I will assume that it is since nothing to the contrary was mentioned. By removing the sediment pad, you will also be removing a good portion of biological filtration bacteria. One thing yo may be able to do is to replace the pad, and if possible, leave the old pad in the filters' reservoir. This would allow the bacteria to remain somewhat in tact and in the system.

You need to change pads no less than yearly. That would depend upon how much "clogging" takes place. Most manufacturers suggest 3 month changes with monthly maintainance. You may also want to consider getting additional means of filtration. By having multiple filtration, it allows one to perform maintainance on one elelment of the system without possibly creating a problem while the bio-bed re-establishes itself on the one that had maintainance.

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