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Sylverclaws 10-10-2012 10:25 PM

My new molly and platy fry
Hey guys, I hope my other videos of my fry were enjoyed. =) All of those in previous videos have since grown up and have found new homes...aside from three that I decided to keep. I have a little footage of them for you too. I have many new molly fry in my tank right now, three or four different broods at that, and two red platy fry I got from the shop for free. lol

I don't think I can give you their exact ages though, so I apologise. But none are over a month old. =) Aside from the three older babies I kept from previous broods. They are about...oh, huh, I think they were born in mid-august, but I can't remember, so a little over two months old, or around it. =) Remember those little grey/brown ones I had? They came out rather gorgeous(I call them "The lighter speckled ones" so you'll know who I mean)! Here is the video for you guys.

*EDIT*Whoops! Sorry, removed that one because I forgot my injured black sailfin made an appearence and I don't want anyone offended. >< I'll get another video of my babies for you guys soon. *END EDIT*

It's not the greatest video. Haha. :3 But I hope you enjoy. I also have one of the tank before all the younger babies were accidentally released, though I claim I did it on purpose, I went to clean it and it popped off the side adn sunk releasing most of them. X_X; Sorry, some of them are a bit shaky, and I never stop talking, bad habit. lol

These are just the three older fry I kept from a previous brood, two red platy fry and my Black Kuhli Loaches. =)

DragonFyre14 10-11-2012 05:27 PM

I really like the black and white one! (I believe you said something about it being a dalmation molly?)

Sylverclaws 10-12-2012 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by DragonFyre14 (Post 1272084)
I really like the black and white one! (I believe you said something about it being a dalmation molly?)

Nope! I do have a Dalmation Lyretail though, three of them. lol The two lighter ones with all the speckles, they came from an orange molly. The father was either my black sailfin or my Silver guess is the Silver because they are so much lighter colored, But then orange with black could make those kinds of babies I suppose. The orange molly does have a black spot on her, but nothing like the babies have. ^_^; Most of my Orange mollies babies have come out looking the same for her last three broods. This is the first time she had any of those lighter colored babies though. Usually she has orangey colored ones with white around their frames, and sometimes they get a few spots or a stripe on the tail.

I DO have two small silver ones in there right now, and I do not know if they belong to my dalmation or to my Silver Molly. My guess is the silver molly, she skinnied up a lot, but so did the Dalmation. It's possible I have one from each, or they could be from any of the girls. SOMETIMES they don't even look slightly pregnant and still manage to have seven or eight babies. But these were born in my adult tank because I didn't see any other pregnant girls besides those two. Or I should say, lightly looking pregnant girls. LOL I honestly can't tell you for certain. =( One of the babies stayed completely silver so far, but one of them is getting a few speckles. But this could just mean that my silver female may have bred with my black molly, or the black sailfin. Haha. I hate it when they trick me and I can't tell if they're pregnant. My gold dust female is really good at that. She had about fifteen babies, but I kid you not, she didn't look much different that normal! She's always been a bit small, but she was only just barely showing signs of a belly, as if she had just eaten a good meal.

DragonFyre14 10-12-2012 11:02 AM

Haha. Sneaky little fish :) I have 3 pregnant guppies at the moment and they are all getting huge. still waiting on babies though, (the other female gave birth to about 3 babies and 2 of them got eaten.)

Sylverclaws 10-14-2012 10:22 PM

Sneaky indeed, but I like the mixes, and they should make healthy adult fish. lol

Good luck on those guppies! You may want to move mom into a breeding tank(Not a net, but I suppose you could), a nice big one, like a ten gallon. More space for the babies to escape from just one fish! =p And they can get pretty big when pregnant. A lot of times my mollies don't get those huge bubble bellies, but they usually are very visible. I'd love to get a super-sized mom. ^_~ But I admit, I feel bad for them when they get that big, and there is a bigger baby loss chance because it was so tight in there, but they usually do ok when well cared for. I'd love to see videos of your incomming babies and your pregnant mothers too! :3

DragonFyre14 10-15-2012 10:53 AM

haha I can always try getting a video... but I don't have a very good camera. Plus they move so fast it's hard to get a good video/picture. Truthfully I don't have a breeding tank at the moment (well okay, I have a 2.5 gallon i COULD put one of them in and let her give birth there... but it doesn't have a heater...) I prefer just to leave them in the big tank and have them give birth there. That way the females don't get that stressed out. I don't get to save as many babies each time, but I figure they have give birth to enough that I really only need to save a few fry from each drop. Otherwise I will be overrun with babies. :) Survival of fittest. :P

Sylverclaws 10-16-2012 05:45 AM

Ah, I hate that Survival of the Fittest rule. Only applies in the wild. I like to save as many as I am able to, and for the ones I can't save, I don't sweat it as bad since I know I did everything I could.

DragonFyre14 10-16-2012 04:01 PM

I'd like to, but I don't want to risk the female by putting her in the breeder too long, also if I try to save all of them I'm going to be over run in a short amount of time.

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