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otter 10-10-2012 08:44 PM

☠ cloudy eye ☠
I have a 55 gallon tank that has:

5 xray tetra

5 peppered cories

1 bristlenosed pleco

1 sad little khuli loach :(

It is planted with some random plants and has granite rocks with sand and pea gravel substrate.

It has a 70 gallon fluval canister filter that I wash out when it needs it.

I do an 11% water change every week and it is heated.

no ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. The general hardness is 0, but the carbonate hardness is 240. The Ph is 9. I can't change the ph either, but the fish seem to be used to it.

I had one female betta in there, but she seemed to have cloudy eye, so I took her out and put her in a 1 gallon jar, then I treated her with anti fungal (I don't know the name I will look later but I'm too lazy to go upstairs) and it seemed to go away.

THEN I added 5 females into the tank and one of them also got cloudy eye, so I took her out and cleaned the filter. Then, I treated her with anti fungal, but it didn't go away and she started to develop a weird slime coat, so a few days later, I repeated the treatment, and I have been using salt on her also.

Anyways, the cloudy eye went away on both of them, so I took the remaining females out of the 55 gallon and re introduced all 6 females.

THEN I looked and noticed that the 2 females who originally had cloudy eye HAD IT AGAIN!!!!!

GAHHHHHHHH. anyways. Tips? anyone? These are the only two fish in the entire tank who have the white film over their eye. Its on part of the lens--not covering the whole eye on either of them, though it looks like it is slowly covering it.

redchigh 10-10-2012 11:53 PM

Well I would stop treating since it seems to not be working.
Just increase the water changes... I'd do 50% weekly until it clears, then minimum of 20% per week.
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