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Penpike 10-06-2012 06:47 PM

10 gal, 3 platys
Hi everyone! I have a new 10 gal tank with 3 female platy. I was really interested about possibly getting a couple more fish that would eat the same food. I want to follow the 1 gal per inch of fish, so having 3 platy that could grow 2 in, I have about 4 in left to fill up. Its a tropical tank with a few fake plants and sharp largish rocks, so no corries. Any suggestions?-thanx!

Breekey 10-06-2012 07:44 PM

You could do a small school of neon tetra, but they're very needy as far as water goes. As in they don't take we'll to any fluctuation if your tank isn't cycled. You could also do one Dalmation Molly, I believe they get 4" tops. There are some smaller gourami too, but I don't know much about those. Cherry barbs are pretty, but at least do a pair. They top out at an inch or two. You could also look into some bottom feeders like Cory cats or something similar, but NOT A COMMON PLECO! They get up to 18". Those are just some of the millions of possibilities for community tanks. You should google something like "platy tank mates" and look at the first couple links. That's always where I start before buying new fish :) hope this helps :)

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