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BryceHockey 02-06-2008 08:08 PM

Ick in a 10 Gallon Freshwater
Hello everyone,

I have a 10 gallon freshwater tank that has been set up since very early January, during that time I kept 6 (4 by the end) starter/feeder fish to prepare the water. Just 2 weeks ago, I added 6 fish (neons), and last week I added 4 more. Its a tetra tank, with 6 neons, 2 black phantoms (boy I love them), and 2 Pristellas. There are no live plants, we keep it at a natural look though. The tank water was at 77 degrees F. My filter is an aqueon Power Filter 10. I make sure that the tank does not recieve sunlight during the day, but the tank light is on 8-10 hours. The fish recieve a small pinch of tetra flakes every morning at a set time. [Note that lately the neons have been getting more food, because the phantoms, as hard as they looked, never were getting any. So I would put some extra flakes in and submerse them to try and sink them to the phantoms. So far it seems to be working. As soon as they learn to find it I am going to cut back]

On Monday I performed a low-stress, 25% water exchange, after finding white spots on my fish. As I'm sure many threads have been made, it was Ick. By the time I saw it all our pet shop was closed so we had to get QuICK Cure, which involves dropping 1 (for tetras) drop per gallon, so we dropped 5 of the blue medication. We also are raising the temp gradually, and its currently at 81. I have done the drops twice a day since Tuesday. The two black phantoms are the poor guys who have the Ick, its a moderate level, with the majority on their back fins but some is on their bodies.

I have researched Ick/Ich to the best of my ability, and just want some second opinions on how I am treating it. Is there anything I am doing wrong? I searched through threads and I understand that you suggested salt, but at the time I was in panick and needed to find something. I read that QuICK Cure is the best choice of its kind, so hopefully that's ok.

I would like to note that the pet shop I have gone to also suggested the salt. They specialize strongly in Aquariums, its a family owned business. We have gone there for several years and they definitly know their stuff. To this day (and I have looked through their fish a LOT) I have only seen 1 dead fish in a tank. They test our water, and everything was where it should be.

Again, any opinions are appreciated.

Lupin 02-06-2008 09:45 PM

Welcome to

Increase the temperature to 80 degrees. The higher, the better and make sure to switch on airpumps or increase surface agitation to ensure oxygen is not depleted. QuickCure has formaldehyde and malachite green, correct? If so, that is a harsh treatment for tetras. Stick with table salt and dose 1 tbsp per 5g. Doing plenty of water changes and feeding various foods should help them resist ich easily.

Just as a side note, I will never suggest the use of medicines for ich cases. Use salt as a treatment. This saves time and money.

jeaninel 02-06-2008 10:28 PM

I have used QuickCure in my tank with black skirt tetras in it with no ill effects. However, I believe it was 1 drop per 2 gallons and I only treated once per day. Whichever treatment you choose be sure to continue for 7-10 days even if the spots have gone. Also, do water changes about every 3 days and be sure to gravel vac which will help eliminate any ich that may be in the gravel.

BryceHockey 02-07-2008 07:27 AM

Thank you for your help. Jeaninel, I was doing half of the suggested (1 drop per gallon, instead I do 1 drop per 2 gallons for tetras), twice a day. The ick is not on my fish this morning, so I assume it is in the gravel now as you said. I will continue treatment.

I have encountered a weird problem, my phantoms (the guys who had ick) both have red by their pectoral and pelvic fins, but predominantly the pectoral. It would look like blood, but what is weird is I noticed it on them in the same observation time, and both have it in the exact same places. I am 80% sure its blood... but really hard to tell with how small they are. I never noticed Ick in that spot, but I'm sure those situations are related. Does anyone have any idea how this might have happened/or how to heal it? :(

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