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deadman7713 10-02-2012 03:50 PM

breeding traps for mollies?
i have read and heard all different things saying that you should not use a breeding trap for a mollie and i was just wondering if that is true or not because i had a mollie give birth for the first time and i did not know and was also not home so i got home and i put the babies in a breeding trap because i didnt have java moss. so know i dont know whether or not to put my mollie in the breeding trap when it happens again or what?:-?

fish monger 10-02-2012 07:28 PM

I'd just provide plenty of cover in the form of floating plants and forget about the trap. The babies grow fast and it's really only a matter of days before they are not considered food for the adults.

deadman7713 10-02-2012 08:27 PM

ok thanks the only other question i have is what do i do with my filter?

DragonFyre14 10-02-2012 08:32 PM

You can just cover the filter with panty hose, or I believe there are attatchments you can purchase so the babies won't get sucked up. And I agree with fish monger. the adults are really only interested in eating the babies the first day or two after they are born. once the fry stop 'jumping' the adults don't really have any interest in eating them anymore. However, I guess the reason I move my fry is because left in the tank with the adults, I worry they won't get enough to eat. but really as long as they get food do whatever.

Sylverclaws 10-09-2012 07:54 AM

Wow, that is an awesome idea, DragonFyre14! I always wondered what to do about my filter as well. But most healthy babies wont get sucked into it regardless.

As for the breeding trap, I use them for the first week or two with my fry, sometimes longer since I have some rather...aggressive adults and occasionally older fry will beat up the youngins. I don't put the moms in there unless they don't mind it, most of them do though. I wait until the babies are born, have a LOT of plant cover and hiding places, and then I go after them with a turkey baster. I found that if I didn't catch the babies, I wouldn't even have one survivor. x.x My mothers seem to like killing off all chances for descendants. lol But a lot of mollies wont and lose interest fast after eating a few, it's still sad though. If you get one of those floating breeding traps that have good ventilation, they should b=e fine for the first week or three, depending when you feel comfortable letting them out. Just be sure to put plants in the breeder, it makes less space, but it keeps it cleaner, provides a feeling of safety and security for them. If they are in one of those plastic ones where they can see everyone and everyone can see them, but they can't flee to a safe place, they can stress out and die. =( I don't think it's common, but it completely stopped once I planted my nets. Just a little bit, like those little viney plants that you can free-float.

Also, you can put the mother in there. But wait until you see a baby born. Otherwise she may hold off on her labor and she could get sick. Try to scoop her up WITH the breeder instead of removing her or chasing her around. =) But remember, don't keep her in there more than six hours at the most, those things lack space and the mothers don't like it. It helps to keep the lights out during the birth though. I know, it sucks to not be able to watch sometimes, but it helps mom have a safe delivery. ^_^

I've been breeding mollies for a while, but it's never easy to catch them when they're giving birth as the labor and signs of it can last hours. If you move the mother as she goes into labor, usually she stops it and can take days to resume it. I had a Gold molly do that! She turned out ok though, thankfully. It really is easier to just let her give birth in the main tank and catch the babies later. Keeping the lights out for that will still help mom be less stressed, and the babies have a better chance to escape in the dark.

You could also provide a nursery tank. Ten gallons are nice and roomey for the mothers, and big enough for large amounts of fry to grow comfortably until they're ready for their new homes. I have a ten gallon for that as well, but it ended up being converted into a Kuhli tank. LOL I still let my fry live there as well, and mothers getting ready about a week before they are due. The Kuhli don't mess with them, but I hear they could! If you do that, best tankmates would be smaller cories, they wont hurt the babies and they help clean. ^^;

SeaHorse 10-09-2012 11:59 AM

I agree with Silverclaws on the 10 gallon. I have used both types of breeder tanks, the hard plastic and netting... Fry are incredibly bored in those little tanks. They love the space in a 10 gal and by day 3-4 they are exploring all over. FYI, never put a Swordtail in either of those little breeder tanks. They go berserk to get out. It will not end well! So into the 10gal she went. What a difference!! I think I ended up with 65 babies easily on her 3rd drop. Interestingly her mate died, I have kept one of her sons, she has never produced fry since.
As to the fry if kept in the 10 gal... if you are fortunate like I to have a LFS who will buy any stock you bring them, they generally want them to be substantial in size. This is accomplished much faster by increased water changes. Daily if you can do it! Experiments have been done to compare fry left alone (reg water changes) with those with pristine water and the difference is huge! A way to make a dollar or two if you can! ( I eventually move them to my 75 gal for space)

DragonFyre14 10-09-2012 04:04 PM

I used to have a plastic, hard sided breeder, and my fry was not happy in there. He kept slipping out the sides (the holes were just big enough for him to slip through, although molly fry might not be able to.)
I now have a Penn Plax net breeder with plastic plants (I wish they were real...), and he loves it!
Sometimes, if I shut the lid to hard, it will come unhooked from the side and will fall down into the tank. I've had this happen many times, and not once has he tried to escape. I've even been able to tip it upside down (to get all the excess food and poop, etc.) and he stayed inside.

dmuddle 10-09-2012 06:38 PM

I also found that when I put the pregnant mother in the breeder trap she didn't like it and wouldn't drop her fry. I also found that my babies were over crowded in there (there were something like 30 in there) but once you have them together and have gone to the trouble of catching them you don't want to let them go and get eaten. I found that the local fish store was more than happy to take them so, if it stresses you to keep so many of them, I would say sell them or give them in. :D some of this is irrelevant to the post but is just a good thing to know :D

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