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wadeh07 02-06-2008 12:57 PM

Re Sealing a Glass Tank
So i got the silicone type 1 100% silicone. Im in the process of removing the old silicone from the inside of the tank. Now im using a razor balde is there any other way that would be easier to do. Or just keep at it and once its done clean the area with some rubbing alcohol make sure its dry and clean and apply the new bead. Anything im missing or any other tips would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance..

fish_4_all 02-06-2008 04:57 PM

So far so good. Just make sure that if you remove any from between the panes of glass that when you reapply the silicone you make sure you don't have air bubbles in there. Just go slowly and force it in as you go.

wadeh07 02-06-2008 05:09 PM

alright thanks... This is taking alot longer than i expected but as long as its done right ill be happy..

For my 55g set up i have a used 2 piece under gravel filter that i am still debating on using.. I have a 250w ebo jager heater, 400 emperor filter 2 15w lights magnet cleaner and about 65 lbs of rock to be put into the tank. Is there anything missing from this I also have stess coat and zyme for the water and a spare bio wheel to help start the cycle. Granted cycle will not be started for another couple of weeks as my pops is building me a stand to put into my apartment.

And for those wondering i am putting piranhas in there right now i have him in a 20 that he grew up in and once i get this 55g up and running he will be moved in there and then im gonna buy 4-5 babies and raise them in the 20 for about a year or so and then add them into the 55.

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