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bernard donnelly 02-04-2008 05:54 PM

mollys dying
have just lost my last molly, the black sailfin.thats 3 in 12/18 hours.dont think im cut out for this biz.if fish continue to die might just give it up.its funny when you think about it though,fish and pet stores in general appear to lead all newcomers up the garden path when it comes to starting out in fishkeeping. if it were any other type of pet that they were selling to the unwary newcomer causing untold misery to the animal there would be an outcry.obviously its not the case with pet fish they seem to be fully expendable ,its hardly fair.anyhow im glad i got that rant in!.

fish_4_all 02-05-2008 01:36 AM

It can be frustrating when LFS don't give enough advice to help unless you rteally ask them. Then you need to know to ask them. Then you have to assume that the infromaiton is accurate and not just to make another $$.

Is why we are here. To help others make good decisions and to help keepers do it right so they don't waste their money and lose the fish they want to keep.

I hope you decide to stay. We can and will help, just ask whatever you need to know.

If you bought a test kit, please tell us what your Ph, ammonia and nitrites are. If not it is a good investment to get a good liquid regeant test kit. Also, how long has the tank be set up and do you do water changes?

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