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RMP 09-24-2012 10:38 PM

I'm ready to give up
So I wrote here last week that a fuzzy slime overtook all of my plants. It was probably driftwood fungus and so I decided to do a major water change after medicating with Maracyn 1 and 2. I removed all the driftwood and did a 70% water change. I found under the driftwood TONS of decaying plant leaves and slime blobs on them. I pulled every plant out and only put back the ones without decay.

Here's the problem:
As soon as I finished adding the RO water, all the fish were flashing. Also without the driftwood in the tank, the PH went from 6.5 to 7.5. The chocolate gourami now has cloudy eyes. One keeps spiting up his food. Even the hardy minnows are flashing. It has been 24 hours and still flashing. Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite all at 0.

What is causing the flashing and how do I stop it? More water changes? What do I do?

Aqua Jon 09-25-2012 01:33 AM

I dont know what is causing the flashing. May be the pH, may be a irritant from the fungus, or therein related.

I would not do large water changes in a short time frame. I think the rapid pH shift will be detrimental to your fish. It is obvious pH is high from tap, find out what your tap water pH is and it will give you an idea how much it will move. Google around for pH stabilization formulas. If you cant find anything to help you figure out where your pH will go, post your pH current for both tank and tap. I or someone else with some chemistry knowledge may be able to the equation for you.

but right now you want to do SMALL water changes somewhat frequently. I say do 5-10% changes 2 / day every day till stable. It would be best to have your pH stablize, but may not be good to use chemicals to do so. I dont have much experience with rapid pH change. hopefully someone who does will advise.

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