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jinithith2 10-31-2006 10:10 PM

BEst water polishing filter?
I am looking for the best water polishing filter with a max of 120gph or something around that. My friend has a Fluval internal and his tank looks pretty clear. Would a powerhead with a hagen filter attachment work (Aquaclear is proven to work but I dunno bout the other powerheads...I don't especially like the Aquaclear becuase of their "hang on rim" attachment style... I would prefer a suction cup mount) ?

thanks a bunch!

O BTW. I am not willing to spend a couple hundred bucks for it...

crazie.eddie 10-31-2006 10:30 PM

One of the most raved about are diatomic filters, like the Vortex or System I. But these filters are a major PITA. Becuase you have to prime them each time with then add the container with the diatomic powder. If powder gets on the rim of the jar, then you could damage it. Plus, diatomic filters cannot be run 24/7, since they will burn out.

Magnum filters are second best, because they use micron filters and you have the option to add diatomic powder to it.

The diatomic filters are hang on filters, as well as the Magnum 250. The higher Magnum filters are regular canister filters. The Magnums can be run 24/7 in conjuction of a regular filter, but keep in mind Magnum filters do not have great biological filtration.

Tracy 10-31-2006 10:51 PM

I know that the canister filters are the cadillac of filters for water clarity, etc., but due to financial restraints I always use the Aquaclear 'hang on' filters. I just want to comment on something I discovered recently.

The aquaclear filter has lots of room for filter media in its 'basket'. In the past I would use a sponge and then two bags of activated carbon at a time, thinking it would keep the water clearer. Recently I had to remove the carbon whilst treating the water for ich. I used two sponges in the filter media basket, and the water is crystal clear, more polished than I have ever seen it.

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