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jackblack1112 02-03-2008 05:52 AM

does anyone have any tips for breeding corydoras i would really like to breed mine they are in a 60 ltr comunity aqaurium i think they were named juli corys in the shop i have 2

crazy4fish 02-03-2008 08:57 AM

i have never actually bred corys myself but i have heard a few storys. it doesnt sound too hard because most people get eggs when they arent even trying to breed. like with any fish it helps to vary their diet. and most people say that you should try to stimulate drought and then rain. this is the time that they would breed in the wild. some people say to do this you should stop doing water changes for a bit and then start doing them frequently. others say to stop changing the water and take some out of the tank. then after a while refill the tank and do water changes as usuall. (if i have any info mixed up please correct me.) :wink:

southafrica1001 02-03-2008 09:06 AM

hehe crazy4fish, just like my cories lol:D

jackblack1112, my cories randomnly breed like crazy4fish said so im not much help, but ive read that putting in slightly colder water then your tank water (not any drastic temperature changes) when doing water changes can also help with the breeding process. Ive also read that having a sprinkler system that you attach to your filter can sometimes help.
some cories are also easier to breed then others. my cories were bronze cories and they are quite easy to breed (well from what ive heard anyway lol)
good luck :D
the fry are gourgeous lol

jackblack1112 02-03-2008 09:32 AM

thanks i hope they do breed but im still not sure if i have a male and a female does anyone know how to find out this i could take some pics for you if that would be much help

jackblack1112 02-03-2008 10:08 AM

southafrica1001 02-03-2008 10:17 AM

its not always that easy to tell, im still mixed up with mine lol
usually the females are rounder and larger then the males

crazy4fish 02-03-2008 10:20 AM

could you possibly post the pics again? this time make sure that you uncheck the box under where you write the text that says "Dissable BBC Code" all we can see in your last post is the file your pic is in. :wink:

jackblack1112 02-03-2008 10:27 AM

oh thanks there up the page a bit more
sory about the quality my camera was running out of battery so i couldnt get a got shot and i had to zoom in and i couldnt take a pic of the cory 2 birdeye view my camera ran out of battery :(

southafrica1001 02-03-2008 10:31 AM

i cant be sure as i dont know juli cories but in the last picture the cory seems a bit round, and what ive read it could be a female, but dont take my advice lol i dont want any disappoinment

jackblack1112 02-03-2008 10:34 AM

lol cory 2 is more smaller than cory 1 and a bit slimer so hopefully they will breed do you have any caves for them?

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