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Sylverclaws 09-19-2012 04:01 AM

Molly Fry
These are my mollies, mobbing at a small piece of algae wafer I put in for my cory cats. lol It's funny how they can drive off a fish about a hundred times their size...but then, he pushes in for a bite if he really wants it. I dunno what that sound is in the background, I think it's my fan.

Oh yes, almost forgot. The fry are from a Silver Molly, a Gold Dust molly and an Orange molly(I also think it's a gold dust, but she had no black on her except one spot on her tail, and she has one black eye and one silver eye), so three different broods. =)

For those of you worried, I always remove the left-over food after a few minutes have passed and I know everyone got what they needed, but maybe not what they wanted. LOL I have a few greedy-guts that will over-eat if I don't keep watch.

If the videos don't show properly, it usually fixes in Fullscreen.

These are my fry again, they're about a week older I think, maybe not that much. There are 42 in there, actually at this time I think I still had 46, unfortunatly I lost four, and some of the bigger ones were moved to the adult tank by now because they were too big for the other babies...But aren't they cute?!

I was playing Final Fantasy X and forgot to turn off the TV again, sorry. The music goes surprisingly well with the video though. lol

DragonFyre14 09-23-2012 03:32 PM

Adorable. I have an all guppy tank (intend to add a bristlenose Pleco once the tank stabilizes, as it is fairly new) and I can't wait to have a ton of fry. I currently only have one fry (whose mother died the next day from unknown causes.)
I didn't see if you said or not but how old are the fry about?

Sylverclaws 10-10-2012 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by DragonFyre14 (Post 1254288)
I didn't see if you said or not but how old are the fry about?

Ah, in this video the fry were as follows: The older ones you see are about three and a half weeks old(Mostly the more orangey ones that are the biggest). The little black and gold ones are a few days younger, mm, by about two or three days if I recall correctly, the silver ones and a few of the greyish ones are only about a week and a half old, maybe two weeks now. And the TINY ones, you can probably only see a couple of them, are only three days old.


DragonFyre14 10-11-2012 04:43 PM

wow. lots of different age groups! So far only one of my guppies gave birth. So I have one fry and 3 pregnant females... i'm hoping to get some more fry here in about a week. :P

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