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Sylverclaws 09-19-2012 03:53 AM

My Dalmation Lyretails
This is a video of my two new Dalmation Lyretail Mollies that I just got last night. That male has got to be the most beautiful Dalmation Lyretail I have ever seen. I guess it paid off how long I had to wait to get them!

Since the end of last year I have been looking, but all the shipments the petshops here have gotten in have either died, were sick or just not shipped right, it's really sad. =( I currently have them in my ten gallon nursery tank, but I moved the fry into a little holder for now so they wouldn't get eaten. My big tank is currently under quarentine, so I wont be adding them until that is for sure cleared up!

The fry are from my Silver Molly, a few are from my Gold Dust, you can tell with those, they're black with orange heads. I have 42 fry, but most of my older ones are in the big tank until they're big enough to be adopted out...Said tank in Quarentine, my grandma got me two Balloon mollies and one ended up having Columnaris Flexibacteria, should be cleared up for sure within two weeks, though I was told after medicating it should only be one week, I want to be positive before adding new fish.

I hope you guys enjoy it..I forgot to turn off my TV, I was playing FFX, but I suppose the music isn't bad. LOL And I have a bad lung infection myself now, so just mute it. X) Sorry for all the chatter, onto the video!

Youtube links hate to work on sites, for me anyways. If you just see bright color and hear sound only, usually going to fullscreen fixes that.

Chesh 09-24-2012 01:02 AM

They are both gorgeous - and HE is absolutley STUNNING!!! I hope they do well for you, can't wait until they get to go into the big tank!

Sylverclaws 10-10-2012 10:35 PM

Haha, well, they're in the big tank now, and they are just LOVING it. The female really loves my big plants...she's doesn't so much hide, as she goes in there to sleep and nibble on things. lol The male likes to be the center of attention and be RIGHT in the middle of the tank for all to see. =) And he loves to show off, he's my peacock.

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