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Pasqua 09-18-2012 05:18 AM

My new tank and new fishies =)
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Have set up my new tank and recently added some new fishies =)

As well as being my first big tank it is also my first planted tank. I am hoping to have some success with the plants but haven't had much luck with them in the past in my smaller tanks so any advice is welcome.

My tanks first occupant was my guppy Misty, who I had left from my little 20L (5gal) tank.

Then I added six cherry barbs. super cute. Then my betta Sebastian. I wasn't too sure about him but he has been in there over two weeks now and doing well. He is happy to school with the other fish (lol) and doesnt mind sharing the tank with others. No nippyness either side so far.

The weekend just past I went to get some more fish to add. I was after some corys and bought two sterbai ones home, before I realised that one was sick! :shock::-(:cry: He had a layer of white fluffy stuff all over him, and I had bought him just before closing time at all the lfs'. Have never had to medicate a fish before and didn't really want to as I was worried I would do it wrong and eventually affect the other fish when I put them together. Took them both back the next day (they spent the night in alternative accomodation) and was luckily able to exchange them. I exchanged them for five peppered cory's, who were my second choice over sterbai but i wouldnt trade them back now. They are so cute =) and have made the tank so active. I was trying to get a mix of top/mid/lower level fish but they all seem to like to school and group together for the most of it.

Anyway.. here are some pics that I took today =)

1. My tank.
2. my new peppered corys
3. My corys and cherry barbs cruisin around together along the bottom of the tank
4. sharing is caring =p

djembekah 09-18-2012 11:55 AM

awe, it looks great! Sorry the sterbai were sick :(

fish monger 09-18-2012 06:50 PM

Very nice tank and photos ! I love the pepper corys also. Cherry Barbs have always been one of my favorites.

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